Life Form Information
Affiliated with The Immortality Gate
Species Vinvocci
First Appearance The End of Time (Part One)

The Vonvocci are the lifeforms that invented the Immortality Gate. They first appeared in The End of Time (2009)

They are green, spiky headed creatures. They resemble the Zocci, as it was noted by The Doctor.

[edit] Technology

The Vinvocci used Shimmers to hide their real appearance from Joshua Naismith. These devices were disguised as an ordinary wristwatch, these shimmers allowed Rossiter and Adams to infiltrate the work of Naismith. According to the Vinvocci the shimmer is uncomfortable to wear and can be easily overridden by the Sonic Screwdriver. The name of the device implies that it uses light to conceal the wearers appearance.

[edit] History

In 2010 a salvage team (Rossiter and Adams) arrive on Earth to retrieve the "Immortality Gate". This device was founded by the humans at the foot of Mount Snowdon and re-booted which released a signal that attracted the pair. They infiltrated the industry of Joshua Naismith who was using the gate to make sure he daughter would never die. They were employed to help fix the machine, but The Master repaired it himself and used it to then create The Master Race.

[edit] Other Information

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