Professor, Martha, Doctor, Jack
Episode Information
Series TV Series
Series No. Series 3
Doctor Tenth Doctor
Companion(s) Martha Jones, Jack Harkness
Location Macassairo year 100 trillion
Writer Russell T Davies
Broadcast 16 June 2007
Previous Episode Blink
Next Episode The Sound of Drums

[edit] Synopsis

Jack stows his way back into the Doctor's life, and the TARDIS lands at the end of the universe where a Professor works to save his people. But as the last of the human race sets out to their dream homeland, the vicious Futurekind threaten to stop the rocket and a great evil is revealed.

[edit] Plot

The episode starts with the TARDIS coming to Cardiff. The Doctor has stopped there in order to fill the TARDIS with energy, as Martha called it a pit stop. You see a man running through the streets, as he gets closer to the TARDIS you see that he is Jack Harkness. The TARDIS is now fully powered, and ready to go, and the doctor see's Jack running in a screen, and hits the switch in order to start the TARDIS. Jack Jumps at the TARDIS, and it causes the TARDIS to accelerate to the End of the universe with Jack holding onto the side. The next scene you see is a group of people and they sniff the air and say that they smell humans. Later you find out these are called Futurekind and they are human that have turned to Cannibals.

Jack holding the Tardis

The next scene is then a Human running and being found by these Futurekind, who cry out human to each other. We then see Professor Yana and his assistant Chantho, who notice the "human hunt" on a radar monitor, but dont want to waste the guards on him, this is also the first mention of Utopia. A voice over the radio comes about and asks how things are going. We then see the Professor space out, and starts hearing drums, then is baught to by his assistant and they notice the TARDIS on thier monitors.

Back inside the TARDIS Martha asks the doctor whats outside, and he doesnt know, has a worried look on his face saying he doesnt think even the Time Lords went this far back, and says they should leave. Then smiles at Martha and runs for the door to see whats out there. Outside you see Jack lay on the floor, dead, Martha rushes back into the TARDIS to get a medical kit and the Doctor says hello again, and tells Martha that he is an old friend that used to travel with him in the old days. Jack wakes up scaring Martha, gets up and then they say hello, and Jack tells the Doctor that he had abandoned him, the doctor replies with, sorry, well you know busy life, leaving Martha looking in an awkward position. He then says that the battle at Canery Warf showed Rose Tyler as being dead, so the doctor told her shes in a Parallel World, Jack and the Doctor share a happy hug, and Martha mutters under her breath "good old Rose".

The next scene shows the human being chased by a group of Futurekind, while Martha, Jack and The Doctor talk about how Jack escaped from the Satelite using his Vortex Manipulator but ended up in 1869 where his Manipulator burnt out, so he waited till the Doctor showed up to refuel. They step over a hill and notice a city, or hive that used to have life in it, but doesnt anymore. Jack points out that they must have an atmospheric shell cause of the lack of sun, and the doctor takes a sarcastic stab at Jack. They then notice the human running from the futurekind, and the doctor points out that it looks like a hunt. As the doctor, Jack and Martha are running down Jack laughs and says he has missed this. They then catch the human, and Jack shoots into the air stopping the future kind until more have turned up, and they run for the Silo. When they get to the silo the man tells them to show thier teeth, which is an indication of whether they are futurekind or not. Jack takes a sarcastic stab at the doctor this time, showing that thier relationship is one of unwant. In the silo the Professor is told of the arrival of new humans, where the Doctor is telling a man about needing his Blue Box back, while the human is looking for his family. Martha says that it looks like a refugee camp. The doctor starts waffling about humans still being around at the end of the universe. The human finds his family and the doctor is seen messing with a lock, the door opens and they go to step out into a space. The doctor asks what Utopia means if the universe is falling apart. The proffessor meets the doctor, and says its a good thing, where he takes the doctor to his laboratory While in the Lab they find the doctors hand in Jacks bag.

The doctors Hand
Jack asks the professor about the futurekind, and gets told about Utopia, where the professor asks where he has been if he doesnt know about Utopia. The doctor replies saying he is a bit of a hermit, the professor looked weirdly at him saying a hermit with friends? and the doctor says its hermits united, they then go to a screen and see a signal saying that Utopia is there. While talking about it the professor looks in pain and hears the drums again, and spaces out. This time the doctor breaks him out of it then they talk about the rocket not working.

The doctor then fixes a circuit and the rocket is ready for flight, and they start telling people to start boarding. While this is going on Jack is throwing curcuits to the doctor who is telling Martha and Chantho where they need to go. The water truck which was sent out earlier in the show comes back, and you see the future kind stood watching from the hills. Martha is walking down the corridor and she bumps into a boy named Kreet, who has no family, and tells how his mom used to say The skys are made of Diamonds in Utopia. You then see a futurekind walk past the screen, stopping to growl before carrying on. The professor and the doctor are talking, then over the loudspeaker it comes that the doctors blue box has been found, and the professor hears the drums again. They connect the TARDIS up to the system to give it a power boost, and the professor then tells the Doctor about the drums, and how they sound like they are getting closer. The doctor looks concerned about this. They then send a man into a room underneath the rocket, that is full of radiation. The man is seen taking parts out of chambers, while Jack is being told to keep the dials level.

The futurekind that is hidden in the silo is seen taking out all the fuses and then throws something at the main power box. This power drop means they have lost control of the dials meaning the radiation cant be contained, the man in the room is told to get out of the room, but ignores them and carries on, the futurekind is found and shot at, while Jack trys to jump start the override by joining to electric cables. The man in the box dematerialise's and becomes dust within the suit as it collapses around the boots. While Martha looks over Jack and gives him mouth to mouth to try and revive him, the doctors asks the professor about the situation, saying that it looks like he has a room that no man can enter without dying. The professor says yes just as Jack wakes up, and the doctors says he thinks he has just the man. When Jack wakes up the first thing he says is, "Was someone kissing me?" The Doctor and Jack run down to the radiated room, and tell the officer he should run and get on the ship, they have found a way to finish it, while Jack starts to strip down his clothes, when asked what he was doing cause the radiation doesnt affect clothes, he said "oh, but i look good dont i". Jack stops before stepping in asking how long has he known refering to him coming back to life not being able to die, and the doctor tells him that it was since he ran away from him. Jack then enters the room, where the Professor says that he should have evaporated, and Martha explains about the travelling through time and space, and the name of the TARDIS, all of which Echos through the professors head while the drums still beat. Jack and the Doctor are seen talking about how Jack found out, and about how the TARDIS tried to shake Jack off cause it didnt like him, because he was something that wasnt ment to be. He then says that the last thing he remember is being confronted by 3 Daleks, another word which rings in the professors head, while talking they mention the Time Vortex, another word which rings through the professor again, as well as Time War. The doctor then tells Jack about Rose being trapped in the parallel world. Jack comments on the doctors regeneration, saying it is kinda cheeky, and the word regeneration rings through the professors head. He then shows a Fob Watch which he says he was found with, but cannot open because it is stuck, and Martha recognises it as one the doctor showed her for turning himself to human. Martha goes to the Doctor, and tells him about watch, and the doctor refuses to believe it at first. But after a bit of talking asks if he can see the fob watch, and Martha
The Master Regenerating
explained that he couldnt at first, you then see the professor looking at the watch, and a voice is coming from the watch telling him to open it, and recieve his magesty. The professor opens the watch, and the doctor sees The Face of Boe telling him that he is not alone. We then see the professor shut absorb the watch, and then he locks the doctor and martha out, and allows the future kind to come in.

The professor is then confronted by Chantho, who points a gun at him, and he tells her who he really is, and that he is The Master just before he kills her. The master then takes the disk out with the co-ordinates to Utopia out, and unplugs the TARDIS from the main system, as he does this he is shot. The doctor gets into the room just as the injured Master stumbles into the TARDIS and then locks it from the inside, stumbles up to the TARDIS's main system, and the Doctor tries to reason with him, and let him in. The Master then starts talking to himself, about his demise, and then regenerates. The future kind are at the door trying to get in to kill the trio, while The Master celebrates his new body, then speaks through the speaker system and Martha recognises his name, while this is happening the Master starts the sequence for taking off in the TARDIS and the doctor uses his Sonic Screwdriver to do something to the TARDIS. The episode ends with Jack and Martha holding a door to stop the futurekind getting in, and the Doctor is stood staring at the space the TARDIS used to be.

[edit] Cast

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