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Torchwood De-Classified
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Format: Documentry
Science Fiction
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Running Time: 10 minutes
Channel(s): BBC 3 (Series 1)
BBC 2 (Series 2)
Original Run: 19 Ocotober, 2006 - Present Day
Related Shows: Doctor Who
Doctor Who Confidential
Official Site: Website
Episodes: 27

Torchwood De-Classified is a documentary and a spin-off program of Torchwood. The series was created by The British Broadcasting Corporation as a way to 'compliment' Torchwood. Each episode was aired the same day as the original weekly episode. Also a second series of De-Classified ran with the same series of Torchwood.

In following tradition of it parent; Doctor Who Confidential, with Torchwood De-Classified covered the themes presented in the episode that was just aired, as well as providing 'Behind-The-Scene' footage and commentary from the actors, producers and writers. These episodes are only 10 minutes long, and relatively short compared to the Confidential running time of 30-40 minutes in length. Initially each De-Classified episode was able to been seen on the Torchwood Official Website, but were removed shortly after the end of the first series. Each episode can now be seen in the DVD Box Sets.


[edit] Episodes

[edit] Series 1

Episode No Original Air Date Episode Title Torchwood Episode
19 October, 2006 "Preview"
01 23 October, 2006 "Jack's Back" "Everything Changes"
02 23 October, 2006 "A Bad Day at the Office" "Day One
03 30 October, 2006 "Living History" "Ghost Machine"
04 6 November, 2006 "Girl Trouble" "Cyberwoman"
05 13 November, 2006 "Away with the Fairies" "Small Worlds"
06 20 November, 2006 "The Country Club" "Countrycide"
07 27 November, 2006 "There's Something About Mary" "Greeks Bearing Gifts"
08 4 December, 2006 "Beyond the Grave" "They Keep Killing Suzie"
09 11 December, 2006 "Dead Man Walking" "Random Shoes"
10 18 December, 2006 "Time Flies" "Out of Time"
11 25 December, 2006 "Weevil Fight Club" "Combat"
12 1 January, 2007 "A Blast from the Past" Captain Jack Harkness
13 1 January, 2007 "To The End" "End of Days"

[edit] Series 2

Episode No Original Air Date Episode Title Torchwood Episode
14 23 January 2008 "Home and Hart" "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang"
15 24 January 2008 "Sleepless in Cardiff" "Sleeper"
16 31 January 2008 "Step Back in Time" "To the Last Man"
17 7 February 2008 "Save the Whale" "Meat"
18 14 February 2008 "Past Imperfect" "Adam"
19 20 February2008 "Animal Pharm" "Reset"
20 28 February 2008 "Death Defying" "Dead Man Walking"
21 6 March 2008 "Dead Eyes Open" "A Day in the Death"
22 13 March 2008 "Something New" "Something Borrowed"
23 19 March 2008 "In Living Colour" "From Out of the Rain"
24 21 March 2008 "Quid Pro Quo" "Adrift"
25 28 March 2008 "Clean State" "Fragments"
26 4 April 2008 "Avulsion" "Exit Wounds"

[edit] Series 3

Episode No Original Air Date Episode Title Torchwood Episode
27 DVD Only "456" "Children of Earth

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