Torchwood Characters


[edit] Gwen Cooper

Gwen Cooper joined the Torchwood team during the first series after an encounter with an alien called a Weevile. She has long served the team well and has put, not only her life on the line, but that of her long time Boyfriend's - Rhys Williams. But has a attraction to fellow team member; Dr. Owen Harpur, and was hinted at a love toward Jack Harkness.

[edit] Owen Harper

[edit] Jack Harkness

Captain Jack Harkness was a former companion of the Doctor and is a man that can live forever, so to speak. His name drives from a dead soldier in the war, which he took on as a con-man before his encounter with the Doctor. His real name is unknown. He is now the head of the Torchwood 3, situated in Cadiff, Wales, it's said it is located there because a 'rift' right above the city.

[edit] Ianto Jones

[edit] Martha Jones

[edit] Toshiko Sato

[edit] Rhys Williams

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