'You sent us to Utopia!'
Portrayed by(actor): Zoe Lyons, Gerard Logan & Johnnie Lyne-Pirkis (Voices)
Race: Human
Home Planet: Malcassiaro
First Appearance: The Sound of Drums (2007)
Last Appearance: Last of the Time Lords (2007)

The 'Toclafane' were the last of humanity, cannibalised into living in shiny, steel spheres. They were bought to Earth by The Master, currently posing as Harold Saxon. They share a hive mind and have a child-like voice and emotions.

[edit] Birth of the Toclafane

At the end of the universe, on the planet Malcassiaro, Proffesor Yana (not knowing of his true identity) and his Malmooth assistant Chantho were trying to reach 'Utopia', a place where they apparently recieved signs of life and messages asking to come. Unable to find decent resources, Yana and Chantho built the ship and it's controls out of food, string and staples.

The humans were refugees in the docking bay. They were hiding from the Futurekind, a rumoured evolved version of the human race, unless they reach 'Utopia'. Children as young as 9 worked to try and find any missing refugees, possibly taken by the Futurekind.

After the Doctor fiddled with the controls, and with a bit of help from Martha Jones and Jack Harkness, the ship was seemingly ready to go. However, after the ship set off, Professor Yana opened his fob watch, revealing his Time Lord essence - The Master. After killing his faithful assistant, The Master ejected the main disc with the co-ordinates heading to Utopia - and the ship apparently stalled. Where it landed is unknown.

According to Lucy Saxon, the Master took her to 'Utopia' where she saw the end of everything. This is where The Master took his children from, and sliced and diced the humans until they could be wired in to a metal sphere - a life support system and a weapon.

[edit] The 21st Century

The Master, now currently posing as Harold Saxon, Prime Minister of Great Britain, announced to the world that he had made contact with a friendly species from across the stars. The Toclafane had child like personalities, and trusted the Master. By this time, the Master had created a Paradox Machine, capable of the Toclafane killing their own ancestors and still existing.

The night before first contact was about to be made, the President of America declared that U.N.I.T. had control of the operation, and that the President, not the Prime Minister would introduce them. However, when the president tried to do so, the Toclafane asked for 'Mister Master', and Harold Saxon revealed himself. He then told the Toclafane to kill the President, and they complied. After telling the human race that it was the end of the world, 6 Billion Toclafane descended down - and killed 1 tenth of the poulation, as per the Master's wishes.

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