To the Last Man

The Last Man
Last Man.jpg
Toshiko lying with Tommy Brockless
Series: Torchwood
Series/Episode Number: Series 2 Episode 16
Episode Name: The Last Man
Enemies: -
Location: Cardiff
Writer: Helen Raynor
Broadcast: 30th January 2008
Previous Episode: Sleeper
Next Episode: Meat

[edit] Synopsis

Tommy Brockless is a shell-shocked World War I soldier who turns out to be the key to saving the world. He was taken into custody by Torchwood in 1918 and place into cryonic storage. He is awoken one day each year for a medical check-up and a "day out" as a precautionary measure in case he is needed. And his time has come to step up.

[edit] Plot

[edit] Cast

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