Time Lord

Time Lords
Time Lords.png
The Master, and The Doctor
Home Planet: Gallifrey
Type: Humanoid
Race Size: Only One Remains

The Time Lords are a human-like race from the planet Gallifrey. The Time Lords are considered to be the oldest and most technologically-advanced race in all known creation. The power of the Time Lords appears limited by their policy of non-interference with the universe. The Doctor is suppose the be the last remaining Time Lord.

[edit] Appearance

Time Lords appear human, but they differ in many different respects. Unlike humans, Time Lords have two hearts and have the power to regenerate instead of death. (this is done under their own will and not spontaneously, as The Master showed) The regeneration process means they change there physical appearance and their personality but they keep all their memories. However, they have no control over what their new appearance shall be. Time Lords are only suppose to have 12 Regenerations/13 Lives.

[edit] Return

It was announced at The End of Time that the race had somehow been brought back

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