Third Doctor

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The Third Doctor
Portrayed By Jon Pertwee
Aliases Doctor John Smith
First Appearance Spearhead from Space
Last Appearance Planet Of The Spiders
The Five Doctors(Special)
Dimensions in Time(Special)
Series 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
Companion(s) Doctor Liz Shaw
Jo Grant
Sarah Jane Smith
Previous Doctor 2nd.png
Next Doctor 4th.png
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[edit] Held Prisoner by Time Lords

After the Second Doctor was forced to regenerate by the Time Lords, the Third Doctor was "born". The Time Lords also jailed him in 20th century Earth, removing his power over the TARDIS. The Doctor then proceeded to join UNIT as a Scientific Advisory so that he could use their facilities to attempt to escape. However, when The Master arrived on Earth, the Time Lords allowed him limited use of the TARDIS and eventually complete freedom after he defeated Omega.

[edit] Nature

An ageing blonde/white haired man, the Third Doctor was extremely active. Using martial arts oftenly to incapacitate his opponents was only one of a number of things that made this incarnation an active man. He also had a tendency to create and utilise a lot of gadgets, once again displaying extraordinary amounts of intelligence. He also enjoyed driving around in a striking yellow roadster, which he named Bessie. A gentlemanly being, the Doctor was also an extremely ethical person.

[edit] Main Occurences

After being imprisoned on Earth by the Time Lords, the Doctor worked for UNIT and gained Doctor Liz Shaw as an assistant, who later left UNIT, leaving Jo Grant as the Doctor's new companion. After defeating the Daleks(whom he had not come across in many years), the Doctor(with two previous incarnations) destroys Omega, which led to the Time Lords giving him freedom and use of the TARDIS. After Jo Grant leaves to marry, the Doctor meets Sarah Jane Smith who becomes his companion. The Doctor regenerates after giving his life to defeat his enemies in fatal radiation.

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