The Time of Angels

The Time of Angels
Series: 5
Episode: 4
Doctor: Eleventh Doctor
Companion: Amy Pond
Main Enemies: Weeping Angels
Previous Episode: Victory of the Daleks
Next Episode: Flesh and Stone

The Time of Angels is the fourth episode in the fifth doctor who series, and the first of a two-part episode. River Song makes an unexpected appearance. The episode is the second episode including the Weeping Angels.

[edit] Plot

The episode starts with River Song, abruptly having the The Doctor rescue her from a transport ship. River Song then informs them of a escaped Weeping Angel, that was stowed away on the ship. The Doctor and Amy Pond meet up with some military/Church officials, on the planet with the crashed ship. After a confrontation with a Weeping Angel (that took form out of a video), the group enters the catacombs in which the Angel has taken refuge. When exploring the catacombs, we learn that it's filled with numerous amounts of stone statues. While inspecting the catacombs multiple Church officials are slowly picked off, leaving only a handful with the Doctor. We then learn in a tragic realization, that all these statues are dying Weeping Angels. The episode then ends, with the group cornered with Weeping Angels approaching.

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