The Master

The Master
The Master.png
John Simms as The Master

Race: Gallifreyan (Time Lord)
Home Planet: Gallifrey
Home Era: Rassilon Era
First Appearance: The War Games
Last Appearance: The End of Time (Part Two)

The Master is a Time Lord. He was regenerated by the Time Lords to help during The Time War but fled when he got scared as the outcome turned against the Time Lords. He was found hidden on a planet, hiding his real self with the use of a Fob Watch and had aged in this hidden body. He heard a drumming sound due to Martha Jones recognising it, and by doing so helped him to see it, where the watch spoke to him and he opening it. When The Master opened the Fob Watch his memories came back, and he started to block The Doctors return to his TARDIS.

The Master used the TARDIS to escape to the current time Earth to take it over with the help of Toclafane. The Master created a weapon that he said was better than the Sonic Screwdriver and called it Laser Screwdriver.

The Master is baught back to life by a group who never forgot about him, but he wasnt fully returned, so he is draining his own life force fast. He also has the ability to produce energy from his body, and uses it to fly, and produce beams for causing damage. This beam is used on The Doctor causing him a great deal of pain, but not killing him. Due to the Masters incomplete revival he is constantly hungry, and looking for food.

The Master has had a sound of four beats running through his head for a long time, it was found out during The End of Time episodes that this was a beacon, placed into the mind of the Master when he was a child, to allow the Time Lords to escape the time lock placed on them.

At the end of the episode the Master sacrifices himself to force the Time Lords back into the time lock, with himself going with them.

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