The End of the World

The End of the World
Rose and the Doctor watch the doomed Earth from the safety of a satellite.
Episode Information
Series TV Series
Series No. 1
Episode No. 1
Doctor Ninth
Companion(s) Rose Tyler
Races Adherents of the Repeated Meme
Living Trees of theForest of Cheem
Other Characters Jackie Tyler
Cassandra O'Brien
Moxx of Balhoon
Face of Boe
Location Platform One
5.5/apple/26 (approx. 5 billion years in the future)
Writer Russell T Davies
Broadcast 2 April 2005
Previous Episode Rose
Next Episode The Unquiet Dead

[edit] Description

"The End of the World" is the second episode of the first series.

[edit] Basic Plot

After taking on Rose Tyler as his new companion, the Doctor takes her five billion years into the future to witness the end of the world. Earth itself has been abandoned for millenia, protected from the heat of a dying sun by a corporate trust fund. Now that the fund has run out, the corporation plans to lift the shields and host Earth's destruction as an exclusive event for its shareholders, who will watch from the safety of a nearby space station called Platform One. The Doctor gatecrashes the party, bringing Rose along as his plus-one. Other guests include a delegation of humanoid trees from the Forest of Cheem, the Adherents of the Repeated Meme, the Face of Boe, and the Lady Cassandra, the "last human" whose constant plastic surgery has reduced her to a stretched skin on a frame, which must be frequently moisturized by attendants. The Adherents of the Repeated Meme present each of the other guests with a silver ball as a goodwill gift. Unbeknownst to any of them, the balls contain mechanical spiders that escape into the station's walls and sabotage its computers with the goal of bringing down the station's shields and allowing the solar flare to destroy the guests.

One of the sentient trees, Jabe, determines that the Doctor is the last of the Gallifreyans. Intrigued, she follows and befriends him. Meanwhile, Rose is curious about what has become of the human race and tries to talk to Lady Cassandra, who is too arrogant and self-absorbed to care. Rose insults Lady Cassandra by saying that she is nothing like a true human and that she would prefer death over what Cassandra has made of herself. When Cassandra interprets Rose's disgust as jealousy, Rose leaves the party, only to be attacked by the Adherents of the Repeated Meme, who lock her in an unused observation room where the solar filters are about to be raised. The Doctor is able to lower the filters in time but cannot release Rose.

With the help of Jabe, the Doctor captures one of the spiders and uses his screwdriver to force it to return to its master. The Adherents of the Repeated Meme are revealed to be a red herring brought aboard by the Lady Cassandra, who intended to hold the wealthy guests (including, by all appearances, herself) for ransom. However, when her plan is revealed, she teleports to safety, leaving the others to die.

Accompanied by Jabe, the Doctor ventures into the ship's unprotected lower decks to gain manual control of the shields before the solar flare reaches Platform One. As the ship's internal temperature rises, Jabe (who is made of wood) sacrifices herself and burns to death while helping the Doctor, who manages to reach the manual override switch. The station's other inhabitants are saved and Rose is freed from the observation room.

Furious over the death of Jabe, the Doctor locates Lady Cassandra's teleportation port, which her attendants have hidden on the bridge, and uses it to summon her back to the ship. Cassandra laughs at the Doctor's threat to bring her to justice, claiming that she can afford the best lawyers in the universe, but with the ship's elevated temperature and no her attendants to moisturize her, she quickly begins to dry out. Finally she cracks and explodes, leaving Rose the true last human being at the end of the world.

Back on Earth, in Rose's time, Rose experiences an existential crisis as she realizes that everyone and everything around her will one day vanish. The Doctor comforts her by revealing that he, too, is the last of his kind and that he, too, witness the destruction of his world. Both he and Rose decides to put aside the destruction they have witnessed and revel in the here-and-now.

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