The 456

The 456
Life Form Information
Appearance 3 headed creature
Also Known As N/A
Place of Origin Unknown
First Appearance "Children of Earth: Day Three"
Also Appeared In Children of Earth: Day Four
Children of Earth: Day Five

The 456 are an alien race that once visited the planet in a secret negotiation with the British Government in 1965, and again in 2009. Their name was given to them by the Human Race by the radio signal they first contacted Earth on. They soon took the name as their own and used it with their dealings between them and the human race as opposed to giving them their real name (if one such name existed).

[edit] Biology

Very little is known about the biology or anatomy of these aliens, mainly due to them only being in contact with the human race twice. When contact has been made they either remained in their transportation vehicle or, as in 2009, a container filled with gases they could inhale, as to twin the atmosphere on their own planet. Their natural body comprises of 3 heads from one main central abdomen connected via 3 long necks. Their demand before returning to Earth were to have an opaque glass chamber with a gas that comprised of 25% Nitrosyl Chloride, 22% Hydrogen Chloride, 20% Nitrogen, 12% Fluorine, 9% Hydrogen Cyanide, 6% Acetone, and 6% Phosgene.

Later during the Children of Earth Series it was revealed that the 456 Ambassador was under the influence of recreational drugs during their time on Earth. The Ambassador would emit a viscous green liquid during times of high distress which is likely to be a side effect of the drug used or a natural response. When they were killed they oozed red blood but it is unknown what it's origin was, whether it was in fact from the 456 of the child with them.

[edit] Technology

It's unknown exactly how advanced their technology is but it's modern enough to keep in touch with Earth's technology from 1965 and onward, for example, radio telecommunications. They can speak English fluidly and with ease although whether she spoke though a translator is unknown. Although not much is known of their technology or how advanced it is, it's clear that it's more advanced than that of the Human Race having the knowledge on the chemical and biological to provide virus' and anti-virus' for Earth.

An orphan from the last meeting with the 456 in 1965 connected to the 456 Ambassador
The reason the 456 initially made contact with Earth was to use our Children as some sort of Drug. They would attach a child to their own body via a life support machine that would stimulate a feeling of euphoria to The 456. During the process of conversion the children feel no pain - according to the Ambassador - and they ae able to live far longer than their normal life span. Through the interventions the child was conscious and had to breathe using a respirator so none of the toxic gases were inhaled by the child.
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