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The Tenth Doctor
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Portrayed By David Tennant
Aliases John Smith, Sir Doctor of TARDIS
First Appearance The Parting of the Ways
Last Appearance The End of Time
Series 2, 3, 4, specials(2008-2010) (Revival Series)
Companion(s) Rose Tyler
Mickey Smith
Donna Noble
Martha Jones
Jack Harkness
Sarah Jane Smith
Lady Christina de Souza
Wilfred Motts
Previous Doctor 9th.png
Next Doctor 11th.png
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"I'm the Doctor. I'm a Time Lord. I'm from the planet Gallifrey in the Constellation of Kasterborous. I'm 903 years old and I'm the man who is gonna save your lives and all 6 billion people on the planet below. You got a problem with that?" ―The Doctor

[edit] Personality

Much like his previous incarnation, he is incredibly quirky and boundlessly enthusiastic. In his case, this often shows in rather inappropriate situations. Previous incarnations have flouted social conventions whereas this incarnation seems genuinely surprised when he is rude or uncouth. He is charismatic and manic with boundless energy, but has exceeded his predecessor's capacity for righteous anger especially when his companions (notably Rose, for whom he had a particular affection) are in danger or threatened. He always makes an effort to be fair and open-minded towards both sides in a confrontation. Once angered, however he acts without hesitation or regret, offering no second chances for any who try to obstruct what he feels is right. The Tenth Doctor always gave his enemies one, and only one, chance to flee and change their ways before destroying them. Sometimes, such as in the episode Forest of the Dead, a knowledgeable foe would seize this opportunity, though more often (such as in the episode The Family of Blood) they would not. Although The Doctor appeared filled with boundless energy, he was starting to feel his age and at times felt a deep sense of loneliness. Because of this, he felt a deep sympathy for all those that suffered. The Doctor is occasionally shown as ruthless and arrogant; a primary example of this comes from The Waters Of Mars when he tried to alter a fixed point in time simply "Because I can"). Beneath his young exterior, the Tenth Doctor was a very old man who witnessed terrible things to extents that caused his patience and capability of mercy to be worn down and even diminished completely.

Tenth Doctor has a hard time accepting defeat or failure. It has been noted that if he ever lost his trait, the universe would be a much darker place. He frequently gets into trouble because of his feelings of superiority and provides his name (the one he chose, not his birth name) as a threat or warning. This only works occasionally, despite his lofty expectations. He is willing to go to extreme lengths to achieve what he fighting for or against and in doing so often ignores reproach, when his companions have told him that what he is doing is a horrible thing he ignores them and changed the subject. He will to any length to make sure that ancient time lines are kept the same even if it means the killing of innocent civilians. However as time passes he becomes more hesitant in causing deaths/killing and now often gives enemies a chance to surrender or retreat without undergoing any harm. He continuously thanks Rose Tyler for changing from a person that was full of blood and anger and helping him to become a better man. Although Donna believe Martha was the one to change him more than what Rose was claimed to have done.

Donna Noble told the Doctor that he chooses so many companions so he doesn't succumb to his darker urges, and after loosing Donna in the meta-crisis (11th incarnation) chose not to have any more companions and no longer have his heart broken. During the times without a companion often means that he eventually succumb to these darker urges and breaks the laws of time to satisfy his ego. He has claimed many times to be the best Time Lord due to being the only survivor of the Time War, under the impression it was "Survival of the fittest". After saving three people from Bowie Base One the Doctor states that the laws of time will obey him now and he is a Time Lord victorious. Although after the suicide of Adelaide after he saved her from Mars makes him realize the consequences of his actions, and it has yet to be revealed if he will continue breaking the laws of time or not.

Habits and quirks

The Doctor was an aficionado of twentieth century culture and made frequent references to movies, shows, books and songs from that era, though did not understand certain remarks, such as being called a "science geek". He was also fond of rock-and-roll, attempting to take Rose to see concerts by both Ian Dury and Elvis Presley.

[edit] Appearance

This incarnation of the Doctor has brown eyes, and wears a long brown trench coat (supplemented, usually, by his brown pin-striped suit). He has a mole between his shoulder blades and he has often been taken up on his rather skinny build. Most notably by Donna Noble. On regeneration he was happy to have hair longer than his previous incarnation, but seemed somewhat disappointed not having ginger hair. The dark brown hair he does have, he takes great pride in. He has worn it in several different styles throughout his time, from having it unstyled to a fifties style quiff and having it flattened forwards.

On rare occasions he has been seen wearing a Tuxedo, the only other attire he has been shown to wear, along with his blue suit with red pin-stripes. His suits are generally worn with a button-up shirt and a tie, which are always seen which either two of his suits, and his light brown coat. He wears trainers, or more specifically - Converse All Stars. He seems to have different colored trainers depending on what suit he's wearing. White to go with his brown suit, black for the tuxedo and maroon for his blue suit. Another, more notable piece of attire are his dark tortoise shell rectangular glasses in which he has named them "Brainy Specs". Although he has used them on many occasions he once admitted that he doesn't need then, they just make him look smarter.

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