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Welcome to the Main Talk page! If you have any questions about the NeoWiki please ask here and I'll try and answer them, or if you just want to talk Doctor Who this page was created for that purpose. So, Welcome!


[edit] Main Page v5.0

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I'll have a go at this today while I've got a double free period. Can you make the heading templates? Made them ages ago. Thank you so, so much for creating the main page. You could've added it yourself rather than putting it in your User page. But seriously, thank you so much. ^^

[edit] Lifeforms Main Page

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I was thinking of making a page much like the Torchwood Technology page, but for lifeforms. Some have only made minor appearances in the series, so if we make a page something like;
<ul>''See:[[Sycorax|Main Article]]''</ul>
So the creatures that have more info, we only highlight them on this page, but then link them to a more in depth page about them. I know I'm staff but I want to know if this would make it easier to access this information or would you rather it stay as it is?

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If people could actually add to this page, it would help out alot. ^^

[edit] Talk Page Boxes

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As you have noticed there has been slight modificatoin to the talk page(s), this one in particular. This is because of Template:Message. All you simply have to do is input;
|message = YOUR MESSAGE
Please use this template on all talk pages.

[edit] Back

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Well, I'm back as staff for this wiki (for the third time) but this time it's only temporary. May become perminant but I doubt it. The wiki will be going through a huge clean up so appologies if information added gets deleted. best way to avoid this is to either PM me or put a notice on my Talk Page with a link the edit you have made. Sorry for the inconvience.