The TARDIS is a time machine, and a spacecraft in the TV Series Doctor Who. TARDIS stands for Time And Relative Dimensions In Space. It belongs to The Doctor. The TARDIS currently owned by the Doctor is a stolen and obsolete type 40. The Chameleon circuit of this TARDIS is faulty and has locked itself as a 1950's Police Box during a Visit to London in 1963. It was stolen from Gallifrey where it had been decommissioned. The changing appearance of the inside of the TARDIS, along with the Second Doctor's statement suggests that the Doctor upgrades the TARDIS from time to time. The Ninth Doctor implied that the TARDIS' shape had grown on him, so he had stopped trying to fix the chameleon curcuit. The TARDIS is not noticed in the world of now because it generates a perception filter, giving the idea that it is perfectly normal.
The TARDIS's systems would translate the languages spoken and allow them to be heard in the language of the Doctors companions, although this didn't work when the Doctor's regeneration went bad, and Rose thought he was dead meaning that the TARDIS and the Doctor could be linked to each other. The TARDIS needs to recharge every now and then, and it was stated when the TARDIS was in the Pete's World that it had died because it needed the energy from the universe, it is sometimes seen recharging at the Time Rift in Cardiff. The Doctor said the TARDIS disliked Jack Harkness because he shouldn't be, and it went to the end of the universe in order to attempt to get rid of him when he was holding the side of the TARDIS.

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