Susan Foreman

Susan Foreman
Portrayed by(actor): Carole Ann Ford
Alias: Arkytior
Affiliated With: First Doctor
Series(s): 1, 2
Species: Time Lady

[edit] Personality

She is incredibly childish and naive early on, yet her energy and youthful optimism provides the perfect contrast to the first Doctor's darker, grumpier, almost vicious personality at times. She has a great faith in humanity and really does believe in them at times when The Doctor does not, something he may have learned from her and she also shares his excitement and exuberance at discovering new things when the human companions are often too scared to explore.

[edit] Biography

Not unlike The Doctor we know very little about Susan's past before she left Gallifrey to go travelling with her grandfather, we don't know who her father was or who her mother was and which one of them was actually related to The Doctor (if she was at all).

She grew up during their travels however and in the end she grew up a bit too much, to the point where The Doctor could no longer ignore the fact that she deserved a chance at a normal life instead of being dragged across the universe and through time just because she would not abandon him and so in the end he decides for her. He locks her out of the TARDIS so that she cannot stop him before then explaining to her why she is better off on earth with a chance at having a normal life with a family.

[edit] Quote

“Well, I made up the name TARDIS from the initials: Time And Relative Dimension In Space.” – Susan

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