Sixth Doctor

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The Sixth Doctor
Portrayed By Colin Baker
Aliases N/A
First Appearance The Caves of Androzani
Last Appearance The Trial of a Time Lord: The Ultimate Foe
Dimensions in Time(Special)
Series 21, 22, 23, 24(first episode only)
Companion(s) Peri Brown
Grant Markham
Evelyn Smythe
Melanie Bush
Previous Doctor 5th.png
Next Doctor 7th.png
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[edit] Another Problematic Regeneration

In the ending moments of regeneration, the previous incarnation had stated that "this regeneration feels different". The Sixth Doctor, when regenerated, then went delusional, often acting insane and even attempting to strangle his own companion, Peri Brown! After deciding to hide out on Titan III to cool down and settle into his new form, he met a fellow Time Lord, Azmael. With his help, he managed to prevent a crisis on the planet, but the Doctor was still acting insane at times.

[edit] Nature

The Sixth Doctor was a tall man, with blonde/brown curly hair. He is usually remembered for his dress sense - a long, mulitcoloured coat with eccentric accessories. The Sixth incarnation was by far the most arrogant and haughty yet, certainly considering himself to be better than everyone else, especially his own companions. He did, however, have a larger urge than normal to defeat all enemies he encountered and make the universe a safer place. The Sixth Doctor also had a love of cats, oftenly wearing some type of broach or badge which portrayed a cat on it. After defeating a cannibalistic person, the Doctor decided that he and his companions would become vegeterians.

[edit] Main Occurences

After nearly breaching the point of insanity after a problematic regeneration(and even attempting to kill his companion) the Doctor returns to the site where he lived with his granddaughter in 76 Totters Lane. When once more meeting The Master, for the first time he meets an evil female Time Lord. After coinciding with the Second Doctor, a previous incarnation and former companion Jamie McCrimmon, the Doctor is placed on trial by his own people after being deposed as Lord President of Gallifrey. The Valeyard, the prosecutor, is supposedly the Doctor's future incarnation. After defeating The Valeyard, the Doctor travels alone for some time, or with different companions, before settling with Melanie Bush, who travels with him. For unknown motives, the Doctor regenerates into his Seventh Incarnation.

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