Seventh Doctor

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Seventh Doctor
Portrayed By Sylvester McCoy
Aliases The Professor
The Domine
First Appearance Time and the Rani Survival
Last Appearance TV Movie
Series 24, 25, 26, TV Movie
Companion(s) Melanie Bush
Bernice Summerfield
Roz Forrester
Chris Cwej
Previous Doctor 6th.png
Next Doctor 8th.png
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[edit] A Forced Regeneration

Although reasons are unknown why the Sixth Doctor regenerated, it is known that he hit his head on the TARDIS control panel before doing so, this may have been to force a regeneration. It is possible he was sick of his own arrogant personality, and as a result changed form.

[edit] Nature

Wearing a long, grey overcoat and a beige hat, the Doctor also wore cross stitched clothing, such as scarves. A much more sinister character, the Seventh Doctor would often mention his love of Chess, and how he would play others around like pieces on a Chess board. Although remembered for his sinister personality, he was also a man of many words, often using his speech to escape situations.

Despite this, he was possibly more of a pacifist than any previous incarnation, talking down killers on multiple occasions (the guard in the "Look me in the eyes" scene in Happiness Patrol and Light in Ghost Light.) Survival, his last episode, can be interpreted as a pacifist fable, as a macho former military man's worldview is shown to rapidly unravel. Another later Seventh Doctor story, Battlefield, takes an anti-nuclear stance.

[edit] Main Occurences

After the departure of Melanie Bush, the Doctor meets Ace, who he returns to 1963 London with. In London, he gives the Hand Of Omega to Davros in a deal which meant the destruction of the Dalek planet of Skaro. After reuniting with The Brigadier, UNIT and Bessie, he defeats Fenric, who had been manipulating many events up until that point, such as the Cybermen arriving and his first meeting with Ace. After meeting Bernice Summerfield, Ace departs. The Doctor loses his TARDIS, but regains it after travelling through an alternate timeline. After gaining two companions in Roz Forrester and Chris Cwej, he reunites with Ace and Melanie Bush. After the death of Roz Forrester, he suffers a heart attack before meeting with Peri Brown again. After making the decision to kill 600 million humans to save Earth, he is asked to transport The Master's remains from Skaro to Gallifrey. The Master, however, pilots the TARDIS to 1999 Earth, where he(The Doctor) is shot by a gang member. He then regenerates on the operating table into his Eighth Incarnation.

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