Series 5

The Fifth series of the revival of Dr. Who. The series started broadcasting April 3, 2010.

[edit] Main Cast

[edit] Episodes

Episode No. Episode Writer(s)
5.1 The Eleventh Hour Steven Moffat
5.2 The Beast Below Steven Moffat
5.3 Victory of the Daleks Mark Gatiss
The Time of Angels
Flesh and Stone
Steven Moffat
5.6 Vampires in Venice Toby Whithouse
5.7 Amy's Choice Simon Nye
The Hungry Earth
Cold Blood
Chris Chibnall
5.10 Vincent and the Doctor Richard Curtis
5.11 The Lodger Gareth Roberts
5.12 The Pandorica Opens Steven Moffat
5.13 The Big Bang Steven Moffat
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