Series 1

Series 1 is the first series of the revival and the only series of Doctor Who to feature the Ninth Doctor.

[edit] Main Cast

[edit] Episodes

Episode Episode Writer(s)
1.1 Rose Russel T. Davies
1.2 The End of the World Russel T.Davies
1.3 The Unquiet Dead Mark Gettiss
1.4 Aliens of London Russel T. Davies
1.5 World War three Russel T. Davies
1.6 Dalek robert Shearman
1.7 The Long Game Russel T. Davies
1.8 Fathers Day Paul Cornell
1.9 The Empty Child Steven Moffat
1.10 The Doctor Dances Steven Moffat
1.11 Boom Town Russel T. Daves
1.12 Bad Wolf Russel T. Davies
1.13 The Parting of Ways Russel T. Davies
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