Second Doctor

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Second Doctor
Portrayed By Patrick Troughton
Aliases Doctor John Smith
Doctor Mason
Doctor Von Wer
First Appearance The Tenth Planet
Last Appearance The War Games
The Two Doctors(Special)
Series 4, 5, 6
Companion(s) Polly Wright
Ben Jackson
Jamie McCrimmon
Victoria Waterfield
Zoe Heriot
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Next Doctor 3rd.png
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[edit] New Incarnation

The Second Doctor came around when the First Doctor had to regenerate when his body was dying, partly due to age but mostly due to the fending off of the Cybermen he had just accomplished. However, Ben Jackson(companion) thought him to be someone impersonating the Doctor and handed him over to the Daleks. After escaping from them once more, Polly and Ben had once again learned to trust him. This incarnation dressed similarly to the First Doctor, though he disposed of the blue ring, wore a bow tie and his trousers were sizes too large for him. Childish and loveable, this incarnation was a massive change from his predecessor, but once more possessed huge levels of intelligence. The Second Doctor was also rather cruel and vicious, many times killing his enemies or leaving them in fatal situations, actions which would deeply agitate his companions. A notable skill of the Second Doctor's was his persuasion. He used this many times to get himself out of potentially lethal situations and to help others do the same. Strangely enough, he could also play the recorder, which he played whilst under stress. This Doctor also introduced the Sonic Screwdriver to the series.

[edit] Main Occurences

After regenerating into the Second Doctor, a visit to 18th century Scotland led to Jamie McCrimmon becoming a companion, and after the exit of Polly Wright and Ben Jackson, Victoria Waterfield as well(this happened after the Daleks were eliminated and Ben and Polly returned to Earth). After encountering Ice Warriors and Yeti's, Victoria decided to leave to Earth. When visiting the Earth in the 21st century, Zoe Heriot joins him and after destroying a Cyberman invasion of Earth, the Doctor is introduced to UNIT. After the Time Lords put him on trial, he is forced to carry out missions for them, and after being forced into a regeneration by the Time Lords, he regenerates into the Third Doctor.

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