Rose (Episode)

Rose Episode.png
Opening itles
Episode Information
Series TV Series
Series No. 1
Doctor Ninth Doctor
Companion(s) Rose Tyler
Location London 2005
Writer Russell T Davies
Broadcast 26th March 2005
Previous Episode None
Next Episode The End of the World

[edit] Synopsis

Rose Tyler meets a mysterious stranger called the Doctor, and her life will never be the same again. She soon realises that the whole of planet Earth are in danger. The only hope of salvation lies inside a strange blue box.

[edit] Plot

The episode starts by showing planet Earth from space, it then zooms into an alarm clock in Rose Tylers bedroom, and she gets up and runs out, saying by to her mom. Rose gets off a bus, and heads towards Henrik's store where she works, then goes to meet Mickey for her lunch break and then is given a pouch of lottery money, she gets in the life and goes to the basement of the shop, where she shouts looking for Wilson. She hears things falling behind her, and walks towards them still shouting out Wilson's name. she goes into a dark room, she turns on a light, and its filled with shop dolls. The door she went into closes behind her, and she runs to it, but its locked shut, locking her inside. There is another noise behind her, and she asks who i is, one of the dolls turns to her, and then gets up and walks towards her, more of the doll start walking towards her, and she starts panicking, and walking backwards, the dolls life their arms ready to hit Rose and The Doctor grabs her hand and tells her to run.They run out a door, and the dolls follow them, they get in a lift, and Rose tells him its all very funny, and asks if they are students, the doctor tells her they are not Doctors, and that Wilson will phone the police when he finds them. The doctor tells her that Wilson is dead, and then tells her the dolls are living plastic creatures, and that he is going blow up the device used to control them. He asks Rose her name and introduces himself. Rose then runs away from the store, and then See's it blow up, from the roof down. She gets home and the bomb is on the news, her mom is on the phone, and Mickey comes to check on her, saying he was worried. Mickey then leaves, taking the arm that the doctor pulled of previously to throw it away, he throws it into one of the bins outside Roses flat, and then you go to Rose waking up again in the morning. Her mom shouts her, and tells her there is no point in getting up cause she has no job no go to. Rose hears a noise of the cat flap going, and goes to look at it, and the nails her mom had stuck in it are all out, she looks out and the doctor is there looking through. She drags the doctor in, and he says he must have picked up the wrong signal. Roses mom See's the doctor, and she tries flirting with him, to which the doctor turns her down. The doctor looks in "Heat" magazine, and says it won't last cause he's gay and shes an alien, he then flicks through a book and says it has a sad ending. The doctor then looks at himself in the mirror, and says it could have been worse, and starts playing with his ears. The doctor hears a noise, and looks down the back of the sofa, and is then attacked by the plastic arm from the doll, Rose thinks he is messing around, and then the arm attaches itself to her face. The doctor uses his sonic screw driver to stop it, stating its "armless". The doctor runs away with Rose chasing him, saying he can't just walk away, and that he has to tell her whats going on. Rose starts questioning the doctor, and thinks the doctor is full of it. Rose asks about the dolls, and the reason behind them, and the doctor tells her that the person controlling them wants to talk over the human race. The doctor states that he can feel the Earth moving in space, and then tells Rose to forget him and walks towards his TARDIS. Rose starts to walk home, she stops and turns around hearing the TARDIS leaving, when she gets back to where the Doctor went he has already gone. Rose goes to Mickeys, and uses his computer to search for Doctor. The searches for Doctor Blue Box, and it comes up with a link to an image of the doctor, and to contact him if he has seen the doctor. Rose goes to the place she is told to meet him, and he tells her about the doctor appearing all over the place, and shows pictures of him in various places. He says the doctor has one constant companion, and that it is death. We go back to Mickey waiting in the car and a wheelie bin is slowly moving towards him. Mickey gets out of the car to look at it, and there is nothing in it, when Mickey tries to let go of the mine, it is like it is stuck to his hands.
Mickey stuck to the Bin
Mickey fits with the bin, and the bin ends up eating him, and burping afterwards. We go back to Rose and Clive, and Clive tells her he thinks the doctor is an alien from another world. Rose leaves the house, and a Plastic looking Mickey drives back, Rose and the plastic Mickey talk about the Doctor, The doctor appears asking if anyone wants champagne, and fires a cork at Mickey, Mickey then changes his hand into into a paddle and tries to attack the doctor and Rose. The doctor pulls Mickey's head off, and Rose and the doctor runs. Mickeys body goes on a rampage, trying to get back to his head. Rose runs past the TARDIS and tries to get out, the doctor says lets hide inside here, and they run into the TARDIS and Rose finds it hard to understand how its so big on the inside. The doctor says he can use the head to find out where the signal is coming from, then introduces the TARDIS. Roses asks about Mickey, and if he is still alive, and then says that the head is melting, the doctor uses the TARDIS to try following the signal, but fails, and ends up somewhere else. Rose asks what the plastic people have with Earth, and he tells her they like the planet, and tells her that there is a huge dish somewhere that is transmitting the signal and he needs to find it. Rose spots the London Eye, and they figure that that is the dish, and that underneath is where it is all happening. The doctor finds the consciousness of the plastic, and calls it a living plastic creature.
The doctor looking at the plastic
The doctor says he seeks contact with the creature peacefully, the creature allows it, and Rose runs to Mickey who says the plastic can talk. The doctor goes up to the consciousness, and starts a conversation with it. The doctor is attacked by two plastic dolls, and they find the "Anti Plastic" in his pocket, and suspect him of wanting to harm them, and they find the TARDIS, and decides to start the invasion of Earth. The creature activates all the plastic dummies, and they all start moving, attacking the humans. Rose tries to get into the TARDIS, but can't without the key, while Rose's mom tries to hide from the attacking plastics. Rose says she got no A-Levels, and No Job, but she did get the bronze for Gymnastics, and uses a chain to swing into the plastic dolls knocking them into the plastic creature. The doctor, Rose, and Mickey, run to the TARDIS and escape just before it blows up. Rose tells the Doctor he was useless, and he would be dead without her, the doctor thanks her, and then offers her the opportunity to go with him. She turns him down saying shes gotta look for her mom, and look after Mickey, the doctor goes back into the TARDIS and leaves. Just as Rose is about to leave, the Doctor comes back and says that the TARDIS always ravels in time, and Rose runs to the TARDIS smiling.

[edit] Cast

  • Christopher Eccleston - The Doctor
  • Billie Piper - Rose Tyler
  • Camille Coduri – Jackie Tyler
  • Noel Clarke – Mickey Smith
  • Mark Benton – Clive
  • Elli Garnett – Caroline
  • Adam McCoy – Clive's Son
  • Alan Ruscoe, Paul Kasey, David Sant, Elizabeth Fost, Helen Otway – Autons
  • Nicholas Briggs — Nestene Voice
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