River Song

Melody Pond aka River Song.
River Song in Silence in the Library
Mainly portrayed by:: Alex Kingston
Known Aliases: * Melody Pond
  • Melody Malone
  • Mrs Robinson
  • Doctor Song
  • Professor Song
  • The Impossible Astronaut
First Appearance:: Silence in the Library
Status:: Alive
Species: Human
Family: * Amy Pond


[edit] Biography

[edit] Conception

Melody was concieved on or just after her parents wedding night, upon the Doctor's TARDIS while they travelled through the time vortex, this gave her slightly Time Lord DNA, and the ability of regeneration and other Time Lord traits. Her mother, Amy Pond, was kidnapped either during or shortly after this event, and was swapped with a living flesh ganger. The Ganger functioned as an avatar that Amy percieved reality through as if she was actually there, when in reality, Amy had been taken to Demons Run asteroid to gestate Melody.

[edit] Birth

Despite Amy and Rory Williams being married, Amy chose to use her maiden surname when naming Melody.

Within a month, Melody had been replaced with a ganger and was taken by Madame Kovarian to be reared to kill The Doctor. Her Time Lord DNA was one of the reasons she was chosen to do this task.

[edit] Mels

After her first regeneration, she discovered she had regenerated into a toddler, but by the 1990's she had made her way to Leadworth and was known as Mels

She was good friends with her parents while they were younger, and they were oblivious to the fact she was their daughter. She would get into a lot of trouble, and subconsciously, Amy started to mother her.

[edit] River Song

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