The Pyrovilian
Type: Molten Golems
Home Planet: Pyrovilia
First Appearance: The Fires Of Pompeii

The Pyrolvilian or Pyrovile are molten golems that came from the planet Pyrovilia in the 2007 Doctor Who episode The Fires of Pompeii.

They have stone skin that is held together by molten lava in a shape that is remarkably similar to that of the Roman Gladiator. They got to Earth by one of their ships crashing on Earth thousands of years ago, shattering them and scattering them across the Roman empire. The 62AD earthquake that causing Mt. Vesuvius to erupt awoke and used Human hosts in the nearby city of Pompeii. These hosts helped a few adult Pyroviles to who had survived the crash to re-build themselves and construct a Energy Conversion Matix to cause Vesuvius to erupt and in the end, causing the entire human race to die out and leaving the planet to the Pyroviles, in attempt to replace their lost planet of Pyrovilia, which according to Roman Augur working for the pyroviles was someone lost and had been stolen. This was later confirmed in Journey's End and The Stolen Earth to be among the 27 planets that were stolen by the Dalek empire.

They utilize their fiery breath to try and kill the Tenth Doctor as it is shown that it can incinerate humans within seconds. When the Dalek Empire was beaten in Journey's End their home planet was put back to it's original place a timezone, giving hope to the remaining Pyroviles.

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