Planet Of The Dead

Planet of the Dead

The Doctor and Lady de Souza

Series: TV Series
Series Number: Special
Story Number: 15
Doctor: Tenth Doctor
Companion(s): Lady Christina de Souza
Enemies: Alien Stingrays
Location: London, 2010
San Helios
Writer: Russel T Davies
Gareth Roberts
Broadcast: April 11th, 2009
Previous Episode: The Next Doctor
Next Episode: The Waters Of Mars


[edit] Synopsis

Planet of the dead was aired in the UK on the 11th of April, 2009 on BBC1. It features the Doctor and the mysterious Lady Christina de Souza, a bus, an unknown planet and creatures out to destroy earth.

[edit] Plot

Guards are guarding the an ancient Golden Cup inside the museum, this so called 'Golden Cup' is later indentified to be The Cup Of Athelstan, estimated to be worth over 18 million pounds. Lady Christina de Souza then lowers her self down from the rooftop of the museum and replaces the Cup with lucky, golden chinese mechanincal cat, the guards still unawarre. When the guards turn around and find that the Cup, after hearing the sound of de Souza whinching herself up back to the rooftop. They sound the alarm and the lady lands on the pavement below and starts to walk away casually when she sees a man being arrested in a near by ally and mockingly says to herself "Sorry Lover", we then presume this man was her accomplice.

She then takes me main road, where she tries to find a way around the police, although still unawarre of her presence. It is then she sees the Number 200 Bus and there exchanges her Diamond earings for a bus ticket, soon after this we see a man walk in wearing trademerk Converse All Stars, whose face we are unknown, and uses psychic paper as a replacement for an Oyster Card, to get a bus ride. This man its down next to Lady Christina de Souza and it is then we see that the man is infact The Doctor. He starts talking to Christina whilst eating a Milk Chocolate Easter Egg, and after enjoying only part of it, hands it to Lady Christina, whom holds the egg but does not eat it. He picks out of his pocket a Rhondium Censor ater reciving an alarm from it to tell him the particles he was looking for have been detected.

At this point the police are still afer the 'Lady', since they now know that she stole the Cup of Athelstan, but during the chase with the bus, it goes through a tunnel and just dissapears infront of the polices eyes. A perimeter us then set up around the area where the bus dissapeared. During this time the bus has been whipped through a warp to a desert like planet - San Helios, assumed to be completely deserted. But during it travel through the warp the us is severly damaged, and on arrival it is rendered unmovable by the driver.

Meanwhile, The Doctor explains to the passengers of the bus that the metal of the bus had protected them from the same fate as the driver (like a Faraday cage, as Christina states). The Doctor then attempts to call someone on Earth and gets in touch with UNIT at the tunnel. Speaking to Captain Magambo, the Doctor informs her of the crisis and speaks to UNIT's scientific advisor, Malcolm Taylor. They all set to digging the bus wheels out from the sand to try and enable them to move it back into the wormhole. The Doctor and Christina set off to explore the area, and find that there is what looks like a massive sandstorm sweeping across the planet. They are then found and captured by a fly-like alien (later known to be a Tritovore).

The Doctor and Cristina are escorted to the Tritovore's crashed ship, where the Tritovore blame the Doctor for their crashed ship. The Doctor soon explains to the two Tritovores that they mean them no harm, and are trapped on the planet just as they are. The Tritovores in turn tell them their ship has crashed on the surface of the planet where they wanted to trade with the people of the world. The Doctor, though, claims that the entire planet became a desert last year, with all 100 billion inhabitants. The Doctor then asks them to send a probe out to invesigate a 'storm' (later revealed to be a swarm of what UNIT calls alien stingrays). It send back results, showing that the storm is a swarm of billions of carnivorous stingray-like aliens, before the transmission is cut off by the probe being eaten by one of the alien stingrays. The Doctor then analyzes the alien physique by the data they get and theorizes that they must be creating the wormhole effect, by their velocity and physiology buildup, and are immune to the effects of the Wormhole because their exoskeletons are metal.

The Tritovores and the Doctor plan to get away from the planet before the swarm hits their general area, and need to get the crystal power source that makes the Tritovorian ship fly. The Doctor and the two aliens try to bring up the source manually, but the entire system is nonresponsive, lacking power. Christina, in the meantime, prepares her cat burgling equipment, and lines down the shaft. The Doctor stops her just in time before she gets diced in a security grid. After disabling it, she makes her way slowly down the shaft. The doctor tells her about himself, and some of the places he's been, including the Court of Athelstan, but he didn't remember her being there, pulling the Cup of Athelstan out of her bag.

He realises that she's a thief, and she says she prefers to say she liberates things. While getting the crystal and the brackets she sees a stingray waking behind some metal poles, and the Doctor tells her that her body heat is defrosting it, and allowing it to wake. He brings her back up. She replies she has that effect on men. Many had flown into the ship's mainframe, and that is what crashed it, he says, like birds into a jet engine. The alien stingray which was down in the shaft next to Christina gives chase, getting fried in the security grid as she turns it back on on the way up. As they run away with the Tritovores out of the ship another stingray jumps down from above and grabs one of the Tritovores, the other, in rage, prepares to fire its weapon at the Stingray but it fails, and dies as well.

When the Doctor and Christina return to the bus, the Doctor throws the crystal away, and uses the brackets. He fastens the brackets to each wheel, then attempts to fix the steering system to the steering wheel of the bus, but they are not compatable. Needing something to bridge the gap between the two difference in systems. Using the Cup of Athelstan, after a bit of banging and denting, against the wishes of Christina not to damage it, they get the two steering sytems to work. The brackets on the wheels act as an anti gravity field, allowing the bus to fly back through the wormhole.

As the bus flies across London, several stingrays chase them through the wormhole. UNIT soldiers spot the stingrays and shoot them down. The bus lands back on the spot where it vanished. The Doctor meets Malcolm, who, in a frenzy of excitement, says "I love you!" 4 times to the Doctor. Magambo then reveals to the Doctor that they found the TARDIS at Buckingham Palace. Christina, meanwhile, is being searched by UNIT soldiers but she breaks off and runs to the Doctor. She wants to come with him for adventure and excitement, telling him that is why she steals, but he says no. When she asks him why, he tells her that he lost all his companions, and that he does not want that happening again. The police promptly arrest Christina, and take her away, leaving the unperturbed Doctor by himself.

The Doctor, about to enter the TARDIS, is told by Carmen to take care of himself; the Doctor, full of joy, tells her the same. However, she tells him "Your song is ending, it is returning through the dark, and ... over there he will knock four times."

Meanwhile, the Doctor decides to take pity on Christina, who is now handcuffed and being put in a police car. The Doctor points his sonic screwdriver at her handcuffs, and frees her hands. Christina gets in the police car on one side- and gets out on the other. She heads for the bus. The police chase after her, but the Doctor steps up to them and tells them to step away. The inspector charges him with aiding and abetting; the Doctor heads over to the TARDIS, saying he will 'arrest himself'. Christina then further defies the inspector, flying the bus over his head and to the TARDIS, opening the door as the others watch. Smiling down at the Doctor, Chrstina happily tells him, "We could have been so good together", revealing no hard feelings over her rejection. The Doctor merely smiles back and replies, "Christina, we were." Christina flies off into the night, the other passengers cheering her off, the Doctor merely watching; the Doctor then heads into the TARDIS.

[edit] Cast

The Doctor - David Tennant
Lady Christina de Souza - Michelle Ryan
Proffesor Malcolm Taylor - Lee Evans
Captain Erisa Magambo - Noma Domezweni
D.I Macmillan - Adam James
Lou - Reginald Tsiboe
Carmen - Elen Thomas
Angela - Victoria Alcock
Barclay - Daniel Kaluuya
Nathan - David Ames
Bus Driver - Keith Perry
Sgt Dennison - Glen Doherty
Sgt Ian Jenner - James Layton
Sorvin - Paul Kasey
Praygat - Ruari Mears

[edit] Screenshots

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