Ninth Doctor

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The Ninth Doctor
Portrayed By Christopher Eccleston
Aliases John Smith
First Appearance Rose (2005)
Last Appearance The Parting of the Ways (2005)
Series 1 (Revival Series)
Companion(s) Rose Tyler
Adam Mitchell
Captain Jack Harkness
Previous Doctor 8th.png
Next Doctor 10th.png
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[edit] Regeneration

The regeneration of the Ninth Doctor is partially a mystery, though it might have occurred sometime between the Last Great Time War and the beginning of the rejuvenated TV series.

[edit] Nature

The Ninth incarnation of the Doctor had short, cropped hair and wore dark clothing with a black leather jacket. This Doctor, like many others before him had the "split personality" of being a calm, reserved person or a frantic, maniac like person, often proclaiming himself brilliant when he had thought of a breakthrough. The battered image of a veteran of war was ubiquitous however and the Doctor showed this often by cursing. The Doctor also spoke with a Northern accent, when questioned on this he replied "Lots of planets have a North". As time progressed, his attitude towards the rest of the universe changed and he often revered other species' lifestyles.

[edit] Main Occurences

The Doctor arrived in London to investigate and prevent the Autons who had been living there since the end of the Time War. After meeting Rose he eventually reached the Nestene Consciousness, where Rose managed to drop a vial of Anti-Plastic into it, and killed it. As the Doctor and Rose travelled, they landed at the "largest museum of extra terrestrial technology" on Earth, and underground establishment in Utah. A young worker named Adam Mitchell then accompanied the two on board, but was later released after attempting to make gain from future technology. Eventually the Doctor reached Satellite Five where he had an inevitable showdown with the Daleks and their Emperor. Amazed they survived the Time War, the Doctor did all he could to stop them which happened to be suicide. After being sent back home against her will, Rose, with the help of Mickey and her mother, managed to tear the TARDIS open. As Rose looked into the Time Vortex, she brought life back Captain Jack, accidentally making him near immortal. She then removed the threat of the Daleks with the power she held, but began to die due its extremity. The Doctor then absorbed it out of her, saving her, and then regenerated into the Tenth Doctor.

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