Martha Jones

Martha Jones
Portrayed by(actor): Freema Agyeman
Companion Of...: Tenth Doctor
Series(s): 3, 4 (New Series)
Species: Human

Martha Jones (Later Smith-Jones) first travelled with the Tenth Doctor when the hospital she was training in got taken to the moon by the Judoon . She then travelled with him during the rest of the season 3 episodes.

She left after realizing her feelings for the Doctor would never be reciprocated. It would appear that she got over her infatuation, as she later married Mickey Smith, who was also a prior companion to the Doctor.

[edit] Appearances

Martha's first appearance was in the episode Smith and Jones, during which the hospital she was training at (the Royal Hope Hospital) was taken to the moon by an alien race called the Judoon. She met with the Doctor first before she entered the hospital (later to be revealed as him proving he has a time machine), and he first met her inside when posing as a patient (under the name Mr Smith, an alias frequently used throughout the show). The Doctor was impressed and offered Martha a single (at the time) trip in the Tardis.

The pair traveled back in time to meet Shakespeare, uncovering and foiling a plot in the process. The Doctor afterwards offered Martha another trip- this time to the future.

On arrival to New New York in the episode Gridlock, Martha began to worry that she was a replacement upon hearing that the Doctor had previously traveled to New Earth with Rose Tyler. Nonetheless they proceeded to free the citizens who were trapped in the Motorway, and once again headed to another place in time.

They went to New York in the year 1930, where they discovered the jobless Hooverville people were being turned into mutant slaves of a pig-like nature.

After the adventure in New York, the Doctor took Martha home, twelve hours after she had left. The Doctor sees a story on TV about one Prof. Richard Lazarus, which he responds to by dragging Martha along with him to the presentation of the device, which was supposed to "change what it means to be human." As is typical of when the Doctor is around, it went wrong. Lazarus turned into a bloodthirsty mutant after using himself as a demonstration. It is during this Martha's sister Tish plays a large role in helping them stop him.

Now that Martha was accepted by the Doctor as a full-time companion and not just a guest, they landed in a ship which was falling into (and later slowly killed off, one by one) a sentient sun, which they had aggravated. Martha had a slight romance with one of the crew members (Riley Vashtee), but decided to continue traveling with the Doctor.

When the Family of Blood chase after the Doctor seeking the long life consuming him would bring, Martha and the Doctor hide in an English school in 1913. The Doctor disguised himself using the Chameleon Arch to turn himself into a human, with no memories of himself as the Doctor. While he took up a place as a teacher, Martha took a place as a maid, in an attempt to watch over him as he had asked her to previously.

The Weeping Angels made their first appearance, sending Martha and the Doctor to 1960. They then had to rely on Sally Sparrow to send the Tardis to them using a special program.

Captain Jack Harkness hitched a ride while they were refueling the Tardis in Cardiff, accidentally sending them to the end of the universe from his presence. It was here they met Professor Yana, whom Martha realized had a watch similar to the Doctor's Chameleon Arch, and goaded him to open it. He turned out to be the Master, and took off in the Tardis, leaving them behind.

With the help of Jack's Vortex Manipulator, the three of them made it back to the 21st century, after Harold Saxon was voted Prime Minister. Harold Saxon was in fact an alias of the Master, and he had been manipulating Martha's family. While her family, Jack, and the Doctor were taken prisoner on board the Valiant (a space station), Martha used the Vortex Manipulator to escape to Earth on a mission from the Doctor.

The events following this are a part of The Year That Never Was, called such due to the way the crisis was solved. Martha traveled around the globe telling stories of the Doctor's exploits under the guise of finding the components for a gun which would kill the Master. This, combined with the Archangel Network (a network of psychic satellites) gave the Doctor the ability to rewind time and reset the planet, hence erasing the memories of everyone on the planet below. The Master was shot by his wife Lucy, and chose not to regenerate. It was after this event that Martha chose to leave the Doctor, deciding her family (who could all remember the events of The Year That Never Was) needed her more, and that the relationship they shared was unhealthy.

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