Lifeforms (Doctor Who)

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[edit] A

[edit] Abzorbaloff

[edit] Adipose

[edit] Aggedor

[edit] Akhaten

[edit] Alpha Centaurian

[edit] Alzarian

[edit] Alzarian Spider

[edit] Ambassador

[edit] Androgum

[edit] Andromedan

[edit] Androzani Bat

[edit] Androzani Tree

[edit] Anethan

[edit] Animus

[edit] Anne-Droid

[edit] Anti-Man

[edit] Arcturan

[edit] Arcturus

[edit] Argolin

[edit] Aridian

[edit] Atraxi

[edit] Auton

[edit] Axonite

[edit] B

[edit] Bandril

[edit] Bannerman

[edit] Bees

[edit] Blathereen

[edit] Boe Kind

[edit] Brain of Morphoton

[edit] C

[edit] Carrionites

[edit] Cassandra

[edit] Castrovalvan

[edit] Cat People

[edit] Caxtrids

[edit] Chameleon

[edit] Cheetah Person

[edit] Chelonian

[edit] Chimeron

[edit] Chronovore

[edit] Chula

[edit] Crespallions

[edit] Cryon

[edit] Cyberman

The Cybermen are a race of cyborgs, they are humans who have been 'upgraded', and wear a suit of armour. They have no emotions and their only human organ is the brain inside the helmet. They can comunicate with each other through a wireless communication system, and transfer fills from the Cyber-Leader to another appointed Leader. Cybermen believe that humans are inperfect, and therefore need to be "upgraded".

[edit] D

[edit] Dalek

The Daleks are perhaps the most iconic Doctor Who enemies. Daleks traditionally appear in armour with a laser cannon on their left side and a plunger-like weapon on the right. This armour houses the true Dalek, a one-eyed slimy creature with many slimy tentacles. They are known for their battle cry of "Exterminate!".

[edit] F

[edit] Futurekind

[edit] G

[edit] Gelth

[edit] H

[edit] Haemovore

Haemovores are a species of vampire like creatures. They evolved from humans, and they fed on the blood of humans. The Haemovores communicate through telepathy.

[edit] Hath

Hath are half fish, half human creatures who preside alongside the Humans on the planet of Messaline. They are purple and orange in colour, and breath a liquid rather than air.

[edit] Hoix

The Hoix are omnivorous humanoids. They are slightly shorter than the average human, and have brown skin, and sharp teeth with exposed gums. Files from Torchwood suggest that Hoix live to eat, and they like to eat anything. The Doctor was aware of the effects of chemicals against Hoix.

[edit] Hop Pyleen

The Hop Pyleen are retiliaian humanoids, from the planet Rex Vox Jax. They where one of the Visitors to Platform One.

[edit] Horda

Horda were small predators native to Leela's home planet. They resembled long, armoured fish with large heads. Horda were forced to crawl around the forest floor slowly. Though not especially fast, they could strike quickly and ten of them could devour a Human's arm in seconds.

[edit] Hosts

The Heavenly Hosts were a group o Angelic machines that served as an information booths on the Sace Cruiseship 'The Titianic'. they work under the word of Max Capricorn head and founder of Max Capricorn Cruisers. When the Hosts speak, their pattern is always in the regular way. They always start with "Information" following from with a protocol number and then giving the person speaking 3 questions to ask which temporarily overrides what ever commands have been given to them until all 3 questions have been answered.

[edit] Humans

Humans are the dominant species on planet Earth. All of the Doctors Companions have been Human. It is also the species that The Doctor has saved the most on various occasions.

[edit] Hybrid Dalek

When a Dalek Hybrid is created in Daleks in Manhattan and Evolution of the Daleks they had to first sacrifice a human body, Mr. Diagoras. Dalek Sec opens his casing and drags the Human into the body with it's long tentacles, it then covers the body in a thin membrane and this is the start of the evolution. After the evolution has taken place Dalek Sec starts to feel human emotions for the first time, as such he spares the Doctors life twice and feels remorse when a human is killed by a disobedient Dalek.

[edit] J

[edit] Judoon

Judoon Are Rhino looking creatures with advanced technology, shown on their armor. They are two metres high, and have a stocky build. They have large lungs to help with the breathing in environments with low levels of oxygen.

[edit] K

[edit] Krillitane

The Krillitane are a race of Aliens that appeared in 2006 in the episode School Reunion, starring Anthony Head as the leader of the alien race on present day Earth.

[edit] O

[edit] Ood

The Odd are a species that are humanoid in shape, and have telepathic powers. They originated from the Ood Sphere. Ood's cannot speak, and the communicate through telepathy. They was originally a hive mind, being controlled by the Odd Brain.

[edit] P

[edit] Pyrovilian

The Pyrolvilian or Pyrovile are molten golems that came from the planet Pyrovilia in the 2007 Doctor Who episode The Fires of Pompeii.

[edit] R

[edit] Racnoss

The Racnoss are ancient race form the dark times of the universe. The Racnoss are half humanoid, half arachnid beings with blood red skin. They have 10 razor tipped limbs. They produce a webbing that wraps up their pray.

[edit] Raxacoricofallapatorian

Raxacoricofallapatorians are a race of from Raxacoricofallapatorius. The disguise themselves as humans in Skin Suit in order to take over the planet Earth.

[edit] Reaper

A Reaper is a being that is linked with time. If there is a disturbance in time they appear and devour everything in the area. By doing this they believe they are "sterilizing" the area. The reapers appear as flying reptiles. They have four long hooked arms and a mouth on their chest.

[edit] S

[edit] Scarecrows

[edit] Slab

Slabs are robotic beings used by various races. They are slave drones and tend to travel in pairs. They listen to and obey the commands of their master, they do not speak and tend to disrepsect other beings. Slabs can be killed by high levels of radiation or advanced energy weaponary.

[edit] Sontaran

Sontarans are a race from Sontar. They are bent on war and destruction. They have a war cry "SONTARHA", this war cray is used to intimidate their enemies. The only weakness is an air vent on the back of their necks.

[edit] Sycorax

The sycorax are a humanoid shaped being with red eyes. They have both Endo, and Exo-skeletons. The exo-skeleton has varying appearence through the race, and a Sycorax can live up to 400 years.

[edit] T

[edit] Time Lord

The Time Lords are a human-like race from the planet Gallifrey. The Time Lords are considered to be the oldest and most technologically-advanced race in all known creation. The power of the Time Lords appears limited by their policy of non-interference with the universe.

[edit] Toclafane

The 'Toclafane' were the last of humanity, cannibalised into living in shiny, steel spheres. They were bought to Earth by The Master, currently posing as Harold Saxon. They share a hive mind and have a child-like voice and emotions.

[edit] Tricksters Brigade

The Trickster's Brigade were a group of creatures apparently led by the Trickster. Like their leader, the Brigade sought to change the normal course of history by altering details in individuals' lives. According to the Tenth Doctor, most of these changes were "tiny" and ones that the universe could "compensate" for. However, if the Brigade's victims had a particularly great influence on the universe, the change would create an entire parallel world around that person.

[edit] V

[edit] Vashta Nerada

The Vashta Nerada are microscopic in size, and live in swarms. They are capable of stripping the flesh off a bone in milliseconds being described as "The Piranha's of the Air". They are born as microscopic spore like creatures in trees and live in the forest. It is said that the eggs of the Vashta Nerada can hatch and form huge swarms in minutes. Hinting that they are a race that are born to eat. These 'spores' were said to be so resilient, they could hatch even on processed trees, even if the trees were converted into paper or books.

[edit] W

[edit] Weeping Angels

Weeping Angels, or Lonely Assassins, are winged "statues" that literally turn to stone when looked at. This is a defence mechanism called Quantum Locking. Appearing in the episode Blink, they could literally charge towards something within the time it takes to blink. The Weeping Angels, however, attack by sending their victims backwards in time by touching them. Known as one of the kindest, "psychotic" species, as they let their victims "live to death".

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