Last of the Time Lords

Last Of The Time Lords
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The Master and The Doctor

Series: TV Series
Series Number: Series 3
Story Number:
Doctor: Tenth Doctor
Companion(s): Martha Jones, Jack Harkness
Enemies: The Master, Toclafane
Location: London
Writer: Russell T Davies
Broadcast: 30 June 2007
Previous Episode: The Sound Of Drums
Next Episode: Voyage of the Damned

[edit] Synopsis

It is now one year after the previous episode, The Sound of Drums, the Master has conquered the Earth and enslaved its population.He has the Doctor prisoner, and is preparing ships to build a new Time Lord Empire., and it is up to Martha Jones to carry out the Doctor's plan and save the universe.

[edit] Plot

This episode starts with a computer telling people that Planet Earth is closed, then cuts to a man on a beach signalling in a row boat which Martha Jones gets off. The man is called Tom Milligan, and he asks how long since Martha was Britain, which was 1 year ago. They start walking, and she tells him she needs Professor Docerty, which Tom says he can get her in. During the year she has been gone she has traveled around the world, and people have been saying that Martha Jones is going to save the world. They get into a vehicle, and Tom turns to Martha and says "Story goes that your the only person on earth that can kill him" Meaning The Master. After they drive off it cuts to The Master. He has control over The Jones family and the Doctor who he has staying in a Tent with a bowl labelled Dog. He starts some music and starts playing around with the Doctor in a wheel chair. He stops with the Doctor by a window and says its ready to rise, the new Time Lord Empire. But the Doctor is quiet since he figured out what the Toclafane where. The Doctor signals with three fingers to Marthas Mother, who then carries the signal on to Marthas father, and sister, who then passes the signal onto Jack Harkness who is locked up, and having to be fed.

Cuts back to Martha visiting a Rocket building site, where 2 Toclafane find her and Tom, and ask Tom what he is doing there, but cannot see her. She then explains that they cant see her because of the Key to the TARDIS being linked to the signal for The Master. It later shows Jack looking at the clock showing it is close to 3pm, which was what was signaled, and Jack is breaking out of his locks, and then running down the corridor to be met by an ambush of men that gun him down and he stands there and says "Not Again". The doctor grabs the Laser Screwdriver and attempts to use it on The Master, but it has Isomorphic controls on the Laser Screwdriver means the doctor cannot use it. Martha gets to Professor Docerty and the Professor says "she can be the queen of sheba for all i care". The Professor is trying to fix a television and Martha states that they don't work and haven't for a long time, but the Master is about to broadcast, and they find the channel with the broadcast on. It is showing in black and white cause of how old the particular television is. The Master shows the Doctors, and tells the Humans watching that the doctor has a larger life span than any of the humans, but doesn't look it, he then turns to the doctors and says what "happens if i suspend your capability to regenerate", 900 years of age, and points the laser screw driver at him, after looking at the Doctor with all the age added to him, he turns to the camera and says "received and understood miss Jones". It cuts to Martha and she smiles and says the doctors is still alive. The professor is talking about the satellite signals that are keeping people in step, a suggestion is put forward to take out the satellites, and the professor sarcastically says something about missiles, and that the Teclafane will swoop down under any military action. They are not called Toclafane, that's a name the master made up, Martha then offers a disc of information on the Toclafane to the professor, which shows a possibly method of taking one down. Which was successful, they then proceed to find out whats inside the shell.

Doctor Caged.png

The screen the cuts through to the Doctor in a cage, and the voice of Martha's Mother saying she would kill the master, and then Martha's father, and Martha's sister say the same thing. The master walks into where the doctor is and announces they are ready to launch, meaning the rockets, and says they are going to open a rift into the Bracotolion space. The master then talks about the never ending drum beat as a war calling.

A Tocclafane comes into the room and the master states he is doing it for them as the Doctor loves them so much. We then cut to The professor opening the Toclofane, and a head is shown hidden within the dome armor.

Toclafane Head.png

The head calls Martha "Sweet Kind Martha Jones", and then she makes the connection between the head, and the boy she met in Utopia, she then tells the Professor and Tom that the Toclafane are Humans from the future. The master tells of him taking Lucy to Utopia where she sees everything coming to its end, and the Master says its all the Doctors Fault. The TARDIS co-ordinates where fused locking them permanently so the Master could only travel between the end of the universe and the current time, meaning the TARDIS was useless for The Master to go anywhere else. Martha tells the Professor and Tom about the Utopia project. The professor states that the future humans coming to wipe out the humans of the now is a Paradox, and that they would be wiping themselves out, and Martha states about the Paradox machine, which is the TARDIS allowing the Past and the Future to collide. This is changing the future not just on Earth but the entire Universe. The doctor asks why he comes back to destroy, and the teclafane answers with to build a brand new empire with The master as their master. It then cuts to Tom asking the head why it kills its own species, and the head says cause its fun, and laughs. The master says the human race are the greatest monsters of them all to the doctor before saying Night Then, and walking out of the room.

The professor tells Martha that its about time they where told the truth, so Martha says the doctor told her something just before she disappeared, and that they have been coming to Earth for years, and have been watched. UNIT, Torchwood, both studying them and watching them. They made the ultimate defense, and she states that the time lords can regenerate, making them immortal, its a gun that mixes 4 chemicals which she has 3 of, and the 4th is in London. The Professor stops Martha as she is about to leave and asks if she can actually kill the Master if she has to, and Martha states that she has no choice, to which the professor says you look like many things, but a killer is not one of them. Martha and Tom are seen running through some streets trying to hide from men walking around with guns, and enter a house with loads of people in. Someone on the stairs asks if shes Martha Jones, and then asks if she can kill the master.

Professor Alison Docerty goes to a screen hidden in the back of her room, and Access's as Priority One, and says she has news for the Master concerning Martha Jones. You then see the master sneak into the room with the doctor, up to the Doctor and says "guess what?" You are then took to Martha telling a story about the Doctor in a manner of love and devotion towards the doctor. A Woman then comes in and says that The Master has come to Earth, and to hide Martha. The Master is seen walking down the street saying he can see Martha Jones. Gets his men in position and then says Ask yourself what would the Doctor do. Martha takes off the key to the TARDIS, and walks out the front door, where the master says the doctor trained her well, and tells her to throw her bag on the floor in front of him. Tom then runs out the door as the master points his laser screw driver at Martha shouting Nooo, and the master shoots him dead, and then tells Martha that the doctor should see her die. You are then shown on board the Valiant where you see Martha's Family, Jack, and the Doctor all looking at Martha, The master asks for the Teleport device, and tells Martha to kneel, and tells her about the rockets he has ready to fire.

The master shouts my children are you ready, and it cuts to the toclafane saying "We'll fly and blaze and slice".

He then says that from this day forward, and is interrupted by Martha laughing. She then states that the gun was a fake, and wouldn't have worked anyway, and said that she went round the world telling her story all the time about the Doctor, and that if they think about one word at one moment everyone thinking Doctor, using the satellite network ArchAngel. The doctor says he has had a whole year to tune himself into the Psychic network, and then says that there is one thing the master cannot do, and that is to stop them thinking. The master tries to kill the doctor, but there is a blue field around him which stops his laser screw driver from working, he then points it at everyone else and the doctors moves his hand and the screw driver comes flying out of the masters hand onto the floor.

The master then says "you cant do this its not fair" The doctor says: "You know what happens now" The master says: "No, No, NOoo" The doctor says: "You wouldnt listen cause you know what i was gonna say" The master still saying No, over and over cowers in the corner.

The doctor cuddles the master and then says "I forgive you". The master then says "My children protect the paradox machine" to which you see all the Teclafane flying towards Earth. The doctor tells the Captain, being Jack to sort it, and Jack tells some of The Masters armed men to follow him. The master then uses the teleport device to get out of the Valiant. He then shows a black hole converter is in every ship and says that if he cant have the planet no one can, and that they will stand on the Earth together as it burns. We then get cut to Jack entering the room with the TARDIS in, and 3 Teclafane, then see all the other Teclafane closing in on the Valiant. They cant get past the 3 in the room, with one soldier saying they cant go in or they will get slaughtered. Jack says it happens to him a lot, and enters the room. The doctor and the master are talking and he says the one thing the master cant do is kill himself. Jack gets into the TARDIS and shoots the Paradox machine, the doctor then over powers the master and uses the teleport device to get back on the valiant, as the teclafane disappear, and say that time is reversing.

You see a gun land in front of Martha mother, and she looks at the gun, and then the master. They then explain that they have gone back to just before all the spheres joined the planet, but just after the president is killed. The Master runs away, and is stopped by Jack, and Handcuffed. Marthas Mother is seen holding a gun at the master, which the doctor talks her down from pulling the trigger of. The master then asks whats gonna happen to him, and the doctor says he is his responsibility. The doctor then says maybe I've been wandering for too long, and now I've got someone to care for.

Lucy Saxon then shoots him, and the Doctor rushes to the Master. The doctor begs the master to regenerate, but the master refuses, the doctor starts crying, trying to persuade him to regenerate, the master then states how about that, I Win, then asks the doctor if the drumming will stop, just before passing away.

You see the doctor looking at a body wrapped on top of some wood, which he is about to burn. The body being the masters, the doctor then walks away as the body is burning. The next scene is of Martha running up the the professor in a park, saying she doesn't blame her, with the professor unaware of who it is. You see the doctor break the watch of Jacks again, meaning he cant teleport again. Jack then talks about himself, and a bit of his past. He then says he was first to be signed up for the time agency, the Face of Boe is what they called him. The doctor and Martha then look at each other and say it cant be. It then cuts to the doctor waiting outside the TARDIS looking at Martha and her family, he then steps into the TARDIS and puts his feet up. Martha comes out of her house and walks to the TARDIS while on the phone to Tom, she walks into the TARDIS and the doctor jumps up all excited, and Martha says she isn't going with him anymore. The doctor thanks, and hugs Martha, before saying that she saved the world. She kisses him on the cheek and walks out of the TARDIS. She stops and comes back in, and tells the doctor a story about a friend who loved her housemate, and he didn't notice her, and that she had told this friend to get out, and then says this is me, getting out, then throws him her mobile, and says she isn't having him disappear on her again. If that rings she wants him to come running. The doctor then starts up the TARDIS and it cuts back to the fire where you see a hand pick up The Masters ring, and laugh. Then you see the Titanic crash into the side of the TARDIS, which was the start of the Christmas Special.

[edit] Cast

  • David Tennant - Tenth Doctor
  • Freema Agyeman - Martha Jones
  • John Barrowman - Jack Harkness
  • John Simm – The Master
  • Alexandra Moen – Lucy Saxon
  • Adjoa Andoh – Francine Jones
  • Trevor Laird – Clive Jones
  • Gugu Mbatha-Raw – Tish Jones
  • Reggie Yates – Leo Jones
  • Tom Ellis – Thomas Milligan
  • Ellie Haddington – Professor Docherty
  • Tom Golding – Lad
  • Natasha Alexander – Woman
  • Zoe Thorne, Gerard Logan, and Johnnie Lyne-Pirkis – Toclafane voices
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