Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.jpg
Captain John Hart finding out he's not the only one with a plan up his sleeve
Series: Torchwood
Series/Episode Number: Series 2 Episode 14
Episode Name: Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
Enemies: Captain John Hart
Location: Cardiff
Writer: Chris Chibnall
Broadcast: 16th January 2008
Previous Episode: End of Days
Next Episode: Sleeper

[edit] Synopsis

Jack returns to the team in dramatic fashion during a hostage situation. During their reunion, they are alerted of a death near a car park. Rift energies are detected on the body. The dead man also has a hologram communicator which leads Jack to an old friend. This friend is Captain John Hart. He informs the Torchwood team that there are three bombs scattered throughout Cardiff. They all split off into three teams to locate these bombs onto to learn their new partner isn't telling the whole truth.

[edit] Plot

[edit] Cast

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