'Judoon platoon upon the moon.'
Name: Judoon
First Appearance: Smith and Jones (2007)
Most Recent Appearance: The End of Time Part 2 (2010)

Judoon are Rhinoceros-looking creatures with advanced technology, shown on their armor. They speak in a rhyming language that is understandable by fellow Judoon and The Doctor. However, they have the technology to assimilate languages and communicate with other races. The Judoon are also the first creature new assistant - Martha Jones encounters with the Doctor. The Judoon represent the Shadow Proclamation, an intergalactic polce force.


[edit] Royal Hope Hospital

The first episode of Doctor Who to feature Judoon was Smith and Jones. In this episode, the Judoon use a H2O scoop to transport the entire Royal Hope Hospital to Earth's moon, along with approximately a thousand humans. They enter the hospital and proceed to search the entire hospital, cataloging the humans, in search for a plasmavore who called herself Florence Finnigan. After the plasmavore is caught, the Judoon execute her, proclaiming that justice is swift. In the hospital, The Doctor tells Martha Jones that Judoon never hesitate to execute a captured criminal and might execute the entire hospital for assisting in the plasmavore's attempted escape. However, after she is executed, the Judoon use another H2O scoop to return the hospital to its former position in London.

[edit] Shadow Proclamation

In The Stolen Earth, the Doctor and Donna Noble visit the Shadow Proclamation after the Earth is transported by the Daleks. The Shadow Proclamation is inhabited by Judoon and pale-skinned, red-eyed women with psychic abilities. at first, the Judoon raise their guns at them, but after a short conversation in the Judoon's own language, they lower their weapons. After they find a way to find the Earth, the doctor and Donna leave in the TARDIS, against the orders of the Shadown Proclamation, who want the Doctor to lead them in a war.

[edit] Sarah Jane Adventures

A Judoon appears in the Doctor Who spinoff, The Sarah Jane Adventures, in the episode Prisoner of the Judoon. In this, a Judoon named Captian Tybo crash-lands on Earth along with his prisoner, a veil named Androvax the Annihilator. After landing, Androvax knocks Tybo out, revealing that Judoon have yellow blood. Tybo drives to Sarah Jane Smith's house with Clyde Langer, Rani Chandra and Luke Smith. Despite the urgency of the situation, Tybo still obeys traffic laws.

Captain Tybo eventually finds Androvax, who has taken over Sarah Jane's body, in the Genetic Systems lab. Tybo calls for more Judoon to enter Earth and help excute Androvax. To make time, Luke, Clyde and Rani push Tybo into a shielded room, which no electrical equipment can be used in. After the rest of the Judoon release Rani, they decide to execute Luke, Clyde and Rani. However, after they help capture Androvax, they change the sentence to confinement to Earth.

[edit] End of Time

In The End of Time part two, a Judoon is seen in the alien bar in which the Doctor, Captain Jack Harkness and Midshipman Allonso Frame are in. It is talking to another alien, while closely watching a Slitheen.

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