Journey's End

Journey's End
'This is my ultimate victory Doctor! The destruction of reality itself!'
Series: Series 4
Episode Number: 13
Setting: Earth, Crucible
Enemies/Villains: Davros, Supreme Dalek, Daleks
Previous Story: The Stolen Earth (2008)
Next Story: 2008 Christmas Special (2008)

Journey's End is the last episode in Series 4 of the revived series and it continues from where The Stolen Earth left off. Broadcast on the 5th of July with no preview trailers released at the end of the previous except for a brief 30 second trailer depicting Davros in a glorified speech depicting his Ultimate Victory.

[edit] Plot

Continuing from last weeks episode, the Doctor is in a state of regeneration after being hit by a Dalek in a mid-running scene to meet Rose. The Dalek was destroyed by Captain Jack but the Doctor faces changing his body. After a brief period of his regeneration he is able to channel the power into his hands and shot into the Pickle jar, which contains his hand that was chopped off by the Sycorax. After a brief explanation the TARDIS is sucked up into the main Dalek outpost via a Temperal Shift. Succumbed to the Daleks, The Doctor , Rose , Captain Jack and Donna are forced to surrender and step outside. However, Donna takes too long to step out and is sucked whilst still in the TARDIS. Sent into a firey ball which will Destroy it she uses the Doctor's Hand to form a new Doctor , resembling the Doctor when his hand was cut off she inherits part of his mind in the process.. He quickly diverts the TARDIS away from danger. Captain Jack fires at the Supreme Dalek who instantly exterminates him, thinking he is dead. He is pushed into the Incinerator.

Mickey , Jackie and Sarah Jane Smith are being lined up for use in the Reality Bomb. An Asian women collapses and Sara Jane uses it as a distraction to escape from the Daleks. Mickey follows along with Jackie who uses the Teleporter. Captain Jack is then able to join them.

On Earth Martha Jones is deployed in a German forest, 60m outside of Nuremburg, she enters a small Cottage along with the Osterhagen Key ready to deploy it. Before she can make a final decision she is transmatted along with Sara Jane, Mickey , Jackie and Captain Jack to Davro's room, meeting the Doctor there. Davros is stunned to see Sarah-Jane there.

Meanwhile the Doctor and Rose have been taken to Holding Cells in Davros's control room and are limited to a small space. Between them they have a heated discussion before the 2nd Doctor resurfaces with Donna in the Tardis. He races out with a neon-Magnetizer gun but is shot, temporarly parylising him. Donna takes over the reins but it also shot, however, the shot from Davros gives her mind the spark it needs to use her Time Lord mind to fight back against the Daleks. She manages to choose the right switches to deactivate Davros's weapon and spin the Daleks out of control and make them useless.

In a team effort the two Doctors and Donna conspire to remove 26 of the Planets back to their original places, except one, Earth. Before they can transport Earth back the Supreme Dalek descends into the Room and shoots the Control Panel, making it unusable. Captain Jack instantly shoots the Supreme Dalek and destroys it. The room starts to fall and Davros is trapped. The Doctor offers him a helping hand but he reguses, in the midst of the fire Dalek Caan states than one of them will still Die.

When all of the group are in the TARDIS, it is revealed that there are 7 sections, originally for 1 pilot each, the Doctor commands each person to a different part of the TARDIS, except Jackie. Using MR.Smith and Luke they are able to pull the Earth back to it's original place and save the day. The TARDIS lands in a park in London.

All of the Group go their different ways, except the Two Doctors, Donna , Rose and Jackie. The actual Doctor takes Rose and the others back to Bad Wolf Bay in the Parallel world, where he last left Rose. He says his last goodbyes and the Human Doctor reveals what he wanted to say before he left last time. She kisses him and is distraught at the Doctor leaving but pledges to look after the Human Doctor.

Back on the TARDIS, Donna starts to feel ill, the knowledge in her mind is starting to kill her and the only way that the Doctor can save her is by erasing her memory of all the things that they did together. She Collapses and he takes her home, where he explains what happened to her family. Saying goodbye, Wilf says that he will look out for him at night, for her.

[edit] Trivia

  • This episode is the most succesful episode in Doctor Who history. It is the only episode ever to come 1st in the weeks overall television ratings.
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