Daughter of the 10th Doctor
Portrayed by(actress): Georgia Moffett
Place of Birth: Messaline
First Episode: The Doctor's Daughter (2008)
Regeneration: Recovered after being shot by General Cobb


[edit] Profile

[edit] Biography

Jenny was created on the planet Messaline, in the midsts of a Human - Hath war, waging in the 61st Century. When the TARDIS landed carrying The Doctor, Donna Noble and Martha Jones, Cline made The Doctor place his hand in the closest Progenation Machine, where it took a sample of his blood. It created Jenny, made from The Doctor's genes. The Doctor didn't take to her at first, but as time went through the episode he slowly started to warm to her. During her first appearence she was shot, and ended up dead, with the doctor saying she hadn't received two hearts like a Time Lord. After the Doctor leaves her, her second heart starts up, and she revives taking off in search of adventure. Jenny had two hearts, and also had reflexes beyond that of most humans. After her death she expelled a breath of pure energy, similar to that of the regeneration energy, but she did not undergo any physical change. This could have been because she was within the first fifteen hours of her regeneration cycle, meaning she could regenerate without changing, similar to the doctors hand. In the end of the episode, Jenny can be seen taking off in spaceship to travel the universe.

[edit] Personality

Jenny showed a lot of what the Doctor had. The brilliance, lust for life and determination. She also was quite flirtatous. Though programming had made her military-minded and goal-oriented, she soon adopted the Doctor's values and principles.

[edit] Trivia

  • Jenny was played by Georgia Moffett the daughter of Peter Davison, who played the Fifth Doctor.
  • The Sun newspaper have published that she will be in one of the 2009 specials, although they are rarely accurate in providing details for upcoming seasons.
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