Jack Harkness

Captain Jack Harkness
'Captain Jack Harkness, and who are you?'
Alias: Captain John Harper
Portrayed by(actor): John Barrowman
Companion Of: Ninth Doctor, Tenth Doctor
First Episode: The Empty Child (2005)
Species: Human of 51st Century

Captain Jack Harkness is a companion to the Ninth Doctor and Tenth Doctor, and the main character in Torchwood.


[edit] Biography

[edit] Early Life

Jack grew up on the Boeshane Peninsula with his mother, father, and his brother Gray. A sandy place, he often played outside with his brother and father. Until an alien attack hit one day, who Jack says are 'the most horrible creatures you could ever imagine'. Whilst they killed most of the population, Jack's father told Jack to take Gray, and protect him. However, he let go of his hand whilst he was running - and didn't see Gray again. When he returned home, he found his dead father being cradled by his mother, and had to tell her that Gray had gone.

[edit] Early Adventures

Jack was not born Jack Harkness - we do not know what his true name is. He grew up in the 51st Century, and has had his sexuality allured to many times (Owen Harper thought he was gay, Toshiko Sato thought he wasn't). Jack is thought to be a pansexual as he doesnt seem to care about Gender.

He persuaded his friend to join in a battle to attack an unnamed alien race, who Jack described just as 'horrible', and these are believed to be the race that attacked the Boeshane Peninsula. They caught Jack and his friend, and believing his friend to be the weaker of the pair, tortured him instead of Jack and made Jack watch. He has since bore the guilt of his friend's death.

It is known that Jack was once sentenced to death, and ordered 4 HyperVodka's as a last meal. He then woke up with both executioners at the same time. (The Doctor Dances)

He once had a memorable experience going hunting 'naked'. (Boom Town)

[edit] The Time Agency

Jack worked for the Time Agency until he realised they had wiped 2 years of his memory - 2 years he would like back. (The Doctor Dances).

He had a friend called John Hart (aka, GSJB), and he and Jack spend 5 years in a 2 week time-loop. They were allured to as 'an old married couple'.

[edit] Con Man Life

After the Time Agency, Jack turned to conning people using his knowledge of future events, and took up the alias Captain Jack Harkness - and served in the 133 Air Force. (The Empty Child)

Captain Jack Harkness stole his name from the real Jack Harkness, when he needed to go undercover for the war in 1941. The real Captain Jack Harkness died in the first day. In Captain Jack Harkness (episode) the real Captain Jack meets up with the time travelling Captain Jack. Jack knew nothing about the real Jack except the way he died.

In or before 1944, Jack met a woman named Estelle Cole, who wanted to spend the rest of her life with Jack. However, they somehow lost touch.

[edit] Meeting the Doctor

[edit] Becoming Immortal

Jack became immortal in the sense that he cannot remain dead, but he can still die. This happened in The Parting of the Ways when Jack was shot by a Dalek, Rose who had absorbed the TARDIS brought him back to life, but because of this power that she didnt know how to control she made it a permanent loop, so therefore when he is shot, stabbed, or any sort of death his body regenerates to what it was before the death. Thus meaning he can die, but cannot remain dead. Ways around this are burying him alive, where he will be stuck in a cycle, but when dug up will be living again. Due to these powers he ages slowly, and as seen in Torchwood this is hard to handle for his daughter as they both look the same age. In the latest episodes of Torchwood his powers where tested to the maximum when he had a bomb planted within his stomach, which was set to blow up in a hope of killing him completely. They found parts of his body, but not a full body and placed them in a body bag on a table to see what would happen. Over time his body built itself back up, each layer slowly at a time, Bone, Muscle, Nerves and so on until he was fully regenerated back to himself. In Greeks Bearing Gifts Tosh has a pendant that allows her to read minds, but it cannot read Jacks, hinting that to anyone else he might feel like a dead corpse. Both The Doctor and the TARDIS dislike what Jack is, as he shouldn't be. When in Utopia episode he held onto the side of the TARDIS, the TARDIS attempted to shake him off, going to the end of the universe to try and get rid of him.

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