Categories are a means of indexing certain pages under the same domain name and create a useful table of contents within their pages. The use of categories helps navigate the wiki for readers and editors to gather the required information they need in their respective fields and help structure pages.

[edit] Using Categories

[edit] How to add a category to a page

When you categorise a page the category appears at the very bottom of the page, for example this page has been categorised under Category:Help Pages and thus the link to this category appears. To add a category to a page first check if the category exists (This is to prevent duplicate categories being made under varied names), you can do like by looking at Special:Categories. Then if you cannot find the category needed add it to the page under which ever name suits it better and if it does exist place it on the page. To add a category to a page the syntax to use is [[Category:NAME]]. This is will then create a "Category Box" at the bottom if the page with a link to the Category Description Page.

[edit] How to create subcategories

The way in which a category becomes a subcategory of something else is very simple, you add a category name to a category page. For example take the Category:Companions category, as you can see it has the subcategories Category:Ninth Doctor, Category:Tenth Doctor and Category:Eleventh Doctor above the links to the pages listed under Category:Companions. As you look at each individual Category Desciption Page they are also categorised under Category:Companions and therefore become subcategories. In layman's terms you must add a category to a category description page for it to become a subcategory.

[edit] Linking to a category page

This requires a alight alternation to the Category Syntax. If you just added [[Category:NAME]] to a page it would be categorised under said name, but make the category a link and not categorise the page the use of a colon (:) is needed in front of the word "category". So the syntax is [[:Category:NAME]] which would come out as Category:NAME as a link, but renaming this syntax is the same as renaming a link - the use of the pipe (|) key. So to rename the category link to just "NAME" we would have to use [[:Category:NAME|NAME]]. Simple.

[edit] Recategorising a page

When you enter the Category Desciption Page you will see each page under a letter, the pages are categorised by the first letter of their name. So for example David Tennant would be categorised under 'D'. To change what letter the page is categorised under you must 'rename' the category like you would a link. This would be used mainly on pages with a namespace such as Help: or Template: because without this renaming they would all be categorised under 'T' for 'Template:' or 'H' for 'Help:'. So to essentially 'rename' a category you need to use [[Category:NAME|A]]. The example used would categorise the page under 'A' rather than it's prefix letter. You can also use the Magic Word {{PAGENAME}} for doing the same with thing with template and help namespaces. Example; [[Category:Help Pages|{{PAGENAME}}]] would categorise this page under 'C' rather than H. {{PAGENAME}} registers the name after the namespace therefore causing this to work, if you instead used the magic word of {{FULLPAGENAME}} then the addition of that would be null void as the page would then bee categorised under the namespace 'Help' ('H') rather than, in this case, 'C'.