Greeks Bearing Gifts

Greek Bearing Gifts
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Mary revealing her true form to Toshiko
Series: Torchwood
Series/Episode Number: Series 1 Episode 7
Episode Name: Greeks Bearing Gifts
Enemies: Mary
Location: Cardiff
Writer: Toby Whithouse
Broadcast: 26th November 2006
Previous Episode: Countrycide
Next Episode: They Keep Killing Suzie

[edit] Synopsis

Toshiko finds a mixed blessing when the dark secrets of others are revealed to her thanks to her sudden Telephatic powers.

[edit] Plot

The episode starts in the woods of Cardiff 1812. There is a blond haired woman leading a man in a red unifrom further into the forest. The man slaps the woman called Mary twice round the face, Mary scratches his face and runs off, as she gets into a opening she hears a noise which hurts her ears, and see's a pulsating light and runs towards it. The man also sees the light, and pulls out his gun, there is a big flash and the sound of a door, then the light is gone, and Mary is stood there looking like she was just touching something. The man raises his gun at Mary and says "Do Whores have prayers?" Mary smiles as he pulls the trigger.

We next see Torchwood in the present day pulling onto a construction yard, they walk into a tent, and you see a girl who looked like Mary from 1812 watching them. There is a body that had been buried in the floor, alien of origin and an item next to her, they are unsure whether its a weapon or a stapler. The bodies had been there for 100+ years, and Owen suggested that the body might have been shot.

Back at the Torchwood hub, Tosh see's Owen and Gwen flirting, and they had broke Tosh's computer, which was very annoying for her. She leaves the hub and goes to a pub, where a girl appoaches here talking about a guy over the other side of the pub. The woman knows who Tosh is, and tells her everything about her, and that she saw her at the building site. Tosh asks how she knows about Torchwood, and introduces herself as a Scavenger, and says they are the same as Torchwood. Tosh finds herself spending more time with the woman, and tells her about aliens, and her thoughts on things, and how she has no one to talk to about things. The woman gives Tosh a necklace, and she starts hearing voices, which she is told are peoples thoughts. The woman gets her to focus on her thoughts only, and tries to get her to practice her skill, then gets Tosh to keep the necklace. Tosh says she will show it to the rest, but the woman doesnt think she will. Tosh goes Torchwood hub and is greeted by Ianto, she then sticks the pendant on before entering, and starts hearing Owens thoughts, and then Gwens thoughts, and starts hearing about Gwen and Owens affair. She hides herself in a room, and hears Ianto's thoughts about how he is unhappy with life. Tosh goes home and the girl follows here, and asks here why she changed her mind about it, and Tosh asks what is it, and she says she thought the team liked her. the girl puts the necklace back on Tosh, and they have a moment of reading each others throughts and then they Kiss, and the next scene is of Tosh in bed. The woman finds a card from Owen on the side, and starts jumping to conclusions, and suggests she was a rebound. Tosh loses it because of what she heard from the Torchwood team, and the woman persuades her to use the pendant again, saying "It Will Find You" and telling her to go somewhere public. The woman introduces herself as Philoctetes. You then see Tosh stick the necklace on in a public area and is at first overwelmed by the thoughts. She then hears someone saying I'm going to kill them over and over. She starts to follow him, and he goes to a house and is let in. The man pulls a gun out on the woman and the child, and talks about the past with the woman, he loads the gun, and gets it ready at which point Tosh hits him around the back of the head with a golf club.

Back at the Torchwood hub, they are talking about the skeleton at the construction yard, and how Owen said it was a woman killed by a gunshot wound. Upon looking at it further, he found out it was a Man, and that the one ruled out method of killing was a gun shot. To which Gwen was taking the piss out of. Tosh asks Jack about Greek mythology, and about Pholoctetes. Tosh goes back to see the woman and tells her about the pendant, and how it got her to help that man, they then share a kiss,
Tosh and Mary
and the woman asks about the body from the contruction yard. The woman puts a seed of doubt in Tosh's head about Jack keeping things from her, Tosh brings a drink in for Owen, and he says he has been looking at the body trying to figure out what happen to it. Tosh asks him about the weapon they found, then puts on the necklace, and is releaved to find that there was nothing said about it, then Gwen turns up, and she hears about the thoughts of each other between Gwen and Owen and gets jealous. Tosh sees the weapon on the table, and goes to have a look at it and then Jack comes in, and tells about his meeting with a police man, but he picks up on Tosh saving that woman and child, and asks her why she didnt tell anyone. She asks about the weapon and he says it is on going, but cannot read his thoughts. Tosh tells Mary that she is going to tell them about the pendant. Mary doesnt like this because she thinks they will keep her locked up in there, Tosh not understand gets shown what she means, and shows her alien form.
Mary's alien form
She tells Tosh that is why she can't tell them, Tosh touches here, and asks who is she, to which she says she is still the same person, there is a silent moment, and Mary begs her to say something, and Mary then tells about how her planet was horrible in comparison to Earth. She says that it has been 200 years that have passed, and she says the weapon is a transporter, and that on her planet there would be 20 Governments passed, she refuses to go to Torchwood after Tosh says they can help saying they would just experiment on her rather than anything else.

Owen is still working on the body, Owen logs into the Cardiff hospital database, and he finds a case of a heart being removed. Tosh is saying to Mary how it is hard for her to carry on seeing the thouhts of people, while Owen is still looking at other cases of the heart being removed through the rib cage and questions how far back it goes. Owen phones Jack, and tells him he needs to see what he has found, while Tosh is saying she doesnt know what to do, and that Mary was right about the world, and then takes Mary to Torchwood on her wanting. Jack appears holding the "Teleporter" talking about a friend of his, acting strange, and he says that since then he has always been worried when a friend starts acting weird, and introduces himself to Mary. Jack asks if Tosh knows what the weapon is, and Tosh says that its a two man transporter, used to transport a prisoner and a guard. She admits to killing the guard, and then being interupted by Mary back in 1812. Where she took host in the womans body, and a solider came and tried to shoot her, she stuck her hand into his chest, and took out his heart. Tosh put on the necklace and heard the thoughts of people, and Owen thought about going for it, and Tosh told him not to, and Mary takes Tosh and holds a weapon to her throat telling them to make them give her a transporter. Then offers an exchange to Owen of Gwen for Tosh. She tries to poison Tosh's mind against the team with the thoughts from there heads, then Jack's thoughts enter Tosh's mind, telling her to wait for his say, not to do anything till he says. Mary smells Jack and says he is different to them, and asks what he is, he says he doesnt know, and then the teleporter activates, and she asks what happens and he reset the co-ordinates to the centre of the sun kiling her. Owen and Gwen ask her what she heard and Tosh says it was none of her business. Tosh apologises about her invasion of privacy, and Gwen tells her not to let the last couple of days put her off cause Love suited her.

Tosh is outside talking to Jack about the pendant, and asks what they do with it, but Jack says its her call, and she says its a curse and destroys it. She then asks why she couldnt read his mind, and he says he doesnt know, but he could feel her in his head, she says it was like he was dead. Jack changes the subject to the report that Tosh needed to complete.

[edit] Cast

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