Gelth leaving their humanoid form

Species: Gaseous Lifeform
Home Planet: Unknown
First Appearence: The Unquiet Dead
Series one

The Gelth first appeared in front of the Ninth Doctor in the episode The Unquiet Dead, 2005. They were a race that neither the Doctor nor Rose had encountered before. At the appearance of this race, viewers complained and they were deemed 'Too Scary' for many of the young watchers of the show; the BBC handled this by saying that in the future, episodes will be forewarned by the 'Unsuitable for under 8's' statement.

The Gelth are a beautiful gaseous life form that lost their true from during the great Time War. They managed to arrive on Planet Earth due to a rip in time that had opened in Cardiff (Also the location of Torchwood 3) at an undertaker's house in 1869, and took the bodies of the recently deceased in an attempt to obtain a solid form again. However, their human form would not last long in the Earth's atmosphere, as 'Gaseous Medium' is needed to sustain them. When their time in their human bodies were up, Gas was seen leaking from every orifice of the human body they inhabited.

They claimed to be on the verge of dying out, and therefore convinced the doctor to let them onto our plane via Gwyneth, the Untertaker's servant who developed unusual powers due to living near the rift. The Gelth tried and failed to kill and overtake the human race as they were extinguished by Gwyneth's sacrificing of herself. But whether all Gelf that had entered our plane were killed is unclear and, as of yet, the Gelth have not made a return in any Doctor Who episodes.

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