Fourth Doctor

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The Fourth Doctor
Portrayed By Tom Baker
Aliases Lord President of Gallifrey
Your Exellence
First Appearance Planet of the Spiders
Last Appearance Legopolis
Deminsions in Time(Special)
Series 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18
Companion(s) Sarah Jane Smith
Harry Sullivan
K9 Mk II
Tegan Jovanka
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Next Doctor 5th.png
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[edit] Nature

A curly brown haired incarnation, the Fourth Doctor also wore ragged and tattered clothing, which made him sometimes comparable to a tramp. One of the most notable incarnations, mainly due to his knitted scarf(which runs the length to the floor) which was knitted for him by Madame Nostradamus, he also plays the joker oftenly, much like the Second Doctor. He was an excellent judge of character, instantly being able to guess if he could or could not trust said person. The Doctor's great level of intellect was not always clear in this incarnation, but was obviously in existence all the same. He enjoyed ginger beer and jelly babies(which he usually offered out to people) and often carried many items from different planets(a yo-yo seemed to be a favourite toy).

[edit] Main Occurences

After regenerating, the Fourth Doctor comes across Harry Sullivan as a companion, who would later retire to UNIT. After receiving telepathic calls to return to Gallifrey, the Doctor is forced to leave Sarah Jane Smith behind(as a human wouldn't have been allowed to Gallifrey at that time) but mistakenly leaves her in Aberdeen. On Gallifrey, the Doctor once again defeats The Master. Leela(a human from a savage planet) and K9(robotic dog) join the Doctor as companions. The Doctor takes the position of Lord President of Gallifrey and manages to defend the planet from the Vardans and the Sontarans, shortly after, Leela and K9 make the decision to remain on the Time Lord planet of Gallifrey. After building another K9, dubbed Mark II, the Doctor is summoned by the White Guardian to dispatch and locate the Key To Time. After doing so, the Black Guardian swears eternal revenge on the Doctor. After choosing to remain with the Doctor rather than return home, Romana(a fellow Time Lord) regenerates. Forcefully commanded to return home(Romana), the Doctor pilots the TARDIS back to Gallifrey, but a malfunction causes them to enter E-Space, where a new companion is gained - Adric. On Gallifrey, Romana and K9 remain to live their lives, whilst the Doctor gains two new companions; Nyssa and Tegan Jovanka. With the pair, he manages to, once again, defeat The Master and save the universe. However, this caused him to regenerate.

Pop Culture

Halloween of 2008  the comic Retail, Cooper Costello dressed up as the fourth doctor.
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