Fifth Doctor

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The Fifth Doctor
Portrayed By Peter Davison
Aliases Doctor Smith
Doctor Jonas Smythe
First Appearance Legopolis
Last Appearance The Caves of Androzani
Series 18, 19, 20, 21
Companion(s) Adric, Tegan Jovanka, Nyssa, Kamelion, Peri Brown, Vislor Turlough
Previous Doctor 4th.png
Next Doctor 6th.png
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[edit] A Problematic Regeneration

For an unknown reason, when the Fourth Doctor regenerated into his fifth incarnation, many problems occured. The Doctor was dropping into bouts of silence randomly which troubled Tegan and Nyssa, who were attempting to revive him from this. On top of sinking into periods when he feared almost everything, the Doctor also began to mimick and possess previous incarnations' personalities. Finally, the Doctor entered the Zero Room on the TARDIS to recover whilst Nyssa and Tegan guided the TARDIS to Castrovalva, a location where he could regain his healthy status.

[edit] Nature

Sporting blonde shoulder length hair, often wearing a stick of celery, wearing half moon spectacles and Cricket clothing, the Fifth incarnation of the Doctor was much more of a pacifist than any previous(and debatebly future) incarnations. The most youthful incarnation yet, he showed his desire not to fight by barely using any physical confrontation at all(albeit in situations where a superior was ordering him to). The Doctor would always attempt to solve problems in a diplomatic and honest way, oftenly impressing his competitors and gaining their trust. The Fifth incarnation also showed masses of guilt for any death he had witnessed, especially the death of his own companion - Adric. During his regeneration into the Sixth Doctor, he muttered the word "Adric" before completing the process.

[edit] Main Occurences

During the near failed regeneration, the Doctor mimicks previous Doctors' personalities before recovering in the Zero Room. After blaming himself for and feeling guilty for the death of companion Adric, the Doctor reunites with UNIT founder Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart and gains companionship in Vislor Turlough. He then, once more, meets both Black and White Guardians, later gaining Kamelion as a robotic companion. After reuniting with his granddaughter, Susan Foreman, and former companion Sarah Jane Smith, he is declared Lord President of Gallifrey again, but he decides to continue travelling and appoints a second in command. As Nyssa and Tegan Jovanka depart from the TARDIS, Peri Brown decides to join the Doctor. Shortly after, Vislor Truslough leaves and Kamelion is destroyed. When both Peri and him are trapped in an insanely toxic enviroment, he sacrifices himself by giving her the only antidote, which causes him to regenerate into his sixth incarnation.

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