Eighth Doctor

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The Eighth Doctor
Portrayed By Paul McGann
Series TV Movie
Companion(s) Dr. Grace Holloway
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[edit] Regeneration

The Seventh Doctor regenerated into his eighth incarnation after being accidentally shot by a gang member when his TARDIS materialised in the middle of a shootout. The reason his TARDIS materialised is The Master's doing, after sabotaging the Doctor's ship when travelling. The Doctor, being operated on in a hospital, officially "dies" and is put in the hospital morgue. However, he regenerates and emerges from the morgue and eventually returns to his TARDIS. He also suffered Amnesia after his regeneration.

[edit] Nature

Although claiming to be half human, it is likely this was just a cause of the Amnesia and that the Doctor was never half human. Dressing in somewhat 18th and 19th century period clothing. Once again, in the beginning of his lifespan, the Eighth Doctor was a funny, comedic person to be around, but as time progressed, he turned much darker and sinister. Sporting long, dark, curly hair, the Doctor also had a youthful face.

[edit] Main Occurences

After The Master requests(as his dying wish) that his remains be transported back to Gallifrey from Skaro by long running nemesis The Doctor, he manages to break free and escape from the TARDIS, which has materialised in the middle of a gang shootout. The Doctor is shot and killed and is taken to hospital. Whilst The Master takes human form, the Doctor is operated on, and after being discovered for having two hearts, is pronounced dead. After regenerating inside a morgue, the Doctor emerges and escapes to Dr Grace Holloway, who had been operating on him. The Master, on the other hand, brainwashes a gang member who helps him on his way until The Master's final showdown with the Doctor at the Eye Of Harmony, which the Doctor "wins". Dr Grace Holloway rejects an invitation to travel with the Doctor.

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