Editing guide

This is a short guide for anyone wishing to help out on this wiki.


[edit] Adding Information to Articles

One of the easiest(and most important) kinds of contribution is adding information to wiki pages. If you see that a page is missing something, feel free to add it! All contributions are welcome, no matter how small.

[edit] How to Edit

To edit a page, just click the 'edit' button at the top right of the page. The coding of the page may seem intimidating, but that's okay. Just type in the information, and it will be added to the wiki-no coding necessary!

[edit] Links

When adding information, you will likely mention people, creatures, places, and many other things from the Doctor Who universe. When you mention one of these things, you can place brackets ([[]]) around it to make a link to the page. This allows people to navigate straight to the page to get more information on the subject. It is suggested that you only surround the main part of the word with brackets, as the link will otherwise lead to the wrong page. Example:

[[Alligator]]                   this will link to a page called 'Alligator'
[[alligator]]                   this will also link to a page called 'Alligator' 
(preferred)[[alligator]]s       this will link to a page called 'Alligator'
(not preferred)[[alligators]]  	this will link to a page called 'Alligators'(does not exist)

[edit] Infoboxes

Infoboxes are essentially tables that display basic information at the top of a page. Whenever you edit a page that uses an infobox, you will see a link to the infobox's page below the edit box. You can visit the infobox's page to find details on how to use it specifically. The page should give an example similar to this:

|title = 
|image = 
|imagecaption = 
|actor = 
|alias = other names
|1stseen = first episode
|lastseen = last episode
|series = 
|companion = companion(s)
|pdoc = previous doctor
|ndoc = next doctor 
|sa = see also

This particular template is for the different incarnations of the doctor. In order to edit an infobox, just replace (or add to) the information after the '='. For multiple entries of the same type(such as multiple companions of the same doctor), use
in between. This pets each entry on a separate line, and helps to make the infobox look organized.

[edit] New Pages

If you wish to add information about a topic that does not yet have a page on this wiki, feel free to make one! Just type the name of the page into the search box, and if the page doesn't exist, go ahead and start it.

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