Donna Noble

Donna Noble
'"For a split second, She was the most important woman in the whole of the universe."'
Portrayed by(actor): Catherine Tate
Companion Of...: Tenth Doctor
Series(s): 4 (New Series)
Species: Human
First Appearence: The Runaway Bride (2006)
Last Appearence: The End of Time (Part Two) (2010)

Donna Noble was a companion of the Tenth Doctor. She was regarded as 'the most important women in the whole of creation' by both Rose Tyler and The Doctor, and when she became part-Time Lord, she proved it, saving the entire universe in Journey's End. However she could not survive whilst she had her Time Lord memories and biology, and so the Doctor had to wipe her mind and any memories of the Doctor or her travels.

[edit] Biography

[edit] Early Life

Donna Noble is a child to Geoff Noble and Sylvia Noble, and granddaughter to Wilfred Mott. She was sent home from school on her first day for biting.

When she was 6 years old, her mother told her that she could not afford a holiday. So Donna got on a bus, and headed to Strathclyde. Her grandfather believes that this was her first main sign of her determination, which he reminded her of in Partners in Crime.

Donna missed the Sycorax Invasion on Christmas Day due to a hangover, and Doomsday due to scuba diving in Spain. The Doctor told her she was missing 'the big picture', and Donna acted unsurprisingly shocked when she met her first alien.

Her life seems to have mainly consisted of temp jobs. In The Doctors Daughter she knew how the New Byzantine Calander worked via her job at a library, and has worked at a double glazing firm (The Runaway Bride).

She chose a temporal secretary job at H.C. Clements over a permenant secretary job with Jival Chowdry. At H.C. Clements, she fell in love on the first day with Lance Bennett, who she pressured into marriage. However, Lance only agreed to dose Donna with Huon Particles, used to help the Empress of the Racnoss, who Lance served in exchange for a travel around space.

[edit] Personality

Donna is a loud person who isn't afraid to speak her mind. She can be a bit dimwitted at times; an example of this occurs in 'The Runaway Bride' where she doesn't understand what Lance is doing, whereupon Lance refers to her as stupid and hard to put up with. But after 'Runaway Bride' she gets quieter and less abrasive. Then, at the end of season 4, she returns to the way she was before she met the Doctor.

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