Doctor Who Confidential

Doctor Who Confidential
Confidential Opening Title
Format: Documentary
Narrated By: Series 1
Simon Pegg
Series 2
Mark Gatiss
Series 3
Anthony Head
Series 4
Anthony Head
2009 Specials
Noel Clarke
Series 5
Alex Price
Country: England
No. Of Episodes: 60
Running Time: Series 1 & 2
30 min
Series 3+
45 min
5-15 min
Producer: Gillane Seaborne
Original Channel: BBC 3 (2005 - Present)
BBC HD (2010 - Present)
Original Run: 26 March, 2006 - Present
Related Shows: Torchwood
Torchwood De-Classified

Doctor Who Confidential is a documentary and Sci-Fi television series that spins off from it's parent program - Doctor Who. Each episode is broadcast on BBC three after the main weekly TV series on BBC one. Originally in the first series the running time of the program was 30 mins, being extended to 45 mins during the second. BBC three also shows a cut down version of the series lasting only 15 minutes which was shown after the Sundays & Fridays as well as the repeats of old revived episodes of Doctor Who.

Described as discussing the human themes of each episode it also includes clips and interviews with the cast members, production crew and other people, as well as with people who have helped with the series over the years. Confidential also features never seen 'Behind-The-Scene' footage. Each episodes deals with a different topic, usually in relation to the episode proceeding it.

To date there have been 2 Confidential episodes that have been individual and separate from the main stream episodes. One of them was subtitled "Music and Monsters" in November 2006, which was produced to show behind the scene footage of the musical soundtrack for there contribution of that years Children in Need appeal, and the other being on the 3rd of January showing and announcing the actor chosen to play the Eleventh Doctor.


[edit] Series 1 (2005)

This series was narrated by Simon Pegg (Whom also played The Editor in the episode "The Long Game") and was produced and directed by Gillane Seabourne, airing at 7:15pm on BBC Three. Each episode of Doctor Who Confidential could also be viewed on the Confidential website. Initially repeated episodes were full length but as of episode 6 they introduced a 15 minute version of the program which they called Doctor Who Confidential: Cutdown, which contained only new series footage. These episodes were more clear as they didn't have any old series clips and soundtracks, but there was certain commercial and licensing issues. Episodes were later released on series 1 DVD boxset.

Episode No. Original Airdate (UK) Episode Title Doctor Who Episode
01 26 March, 2005 "Bring Back the Doctor" "Rose"
02 2 April, 2005 "The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly" "The End of the World"
03 9 April, 2005 "TARDIS Tales" "The Unqiet Dead"
04 16 April, 2005 "I got a Side-Kick Out of You" "Aliens of London"
05 23 April, 2005 "Why on Earth?" "World War Three"
06 30 April, 2005 "Dalek" "Dalek"
07 7 May, 2005 "The Dark Side" "The Long Game"
08 14 May, 2005 "Time Trouble" "Father's Day"
09 21 May, 2005 "Special Effects" "The Empty Child"
10 28 May, 2005 "Weird Science" "The Doctor Dances"
11 4 June, 2005 "Unsung Heroes and Volient Deaths" "Boomtown"
12 11 June, 2005 "The World of Who" "BadWolf"
13 18 June, 2005 "The Last Battle" "The Parting of the Ways"

Two documentaries were made to broadcast on BBC one, and incorporate information from certain and special Confidential episodes. the first broad casted episode was "Rose" which was narrated by David Tennant, soon after he had been announced as the Tenth Doctor. The second episode was aired prior to the last episode "The Parting of the Ways" and was narrated by Simon Pegg. Both of these episodes were not mentioned in the listings and are therefore considered separate from the other episodes. The last episode was made DVD-Exclusive and provided Behind-The-Scene footage of "The Christmas Invasion".

Episode No. Original Airdate (UK) Episode Title Doctor Who Episode
S1 25 March, 2005 "A New Dimension" Preview
S2 18 June, 2005 "The Ultimate Guide" Episodes 1-12
14 DVD Only "Backstage at Christmas" "The Christmas Invasion"

[edit] Series 2 (2006)

Much like the first series, the second series of Doctor Who Confidential was designed to accompany the 2006 Doctor Who episodes, with Mark Gatiss replacing Simon Pegg as the narrator. Due to schedule changes or alters to Doctor Who episodes, the times at which the Confidential episodes aired wasn't as ordered as the last series as well as a total of zero episode being web cast, which again differed from the first series. They released all episodes onto the Doctor Who DVD box set for that series with a cut down version - again dubbed Cutdown' - But the first episode "One Year On" was not released. "One Year One" was produced for Doctor Who Night for BBC on April 9, 2006.

Episode No. Original Airdate (UK) Episode Title Doctor Who Episode
15 9 April, 2006 "One Year On" N/A
16 15 April, 2006 "New New Doctor" "New Earth"
17 22 April, 2006 "Fear Factor" "Tooth & Claw"
18 29 April, 2006 "Friends Reunited" "School Reunion"
19 6 May, 2006 "From Script to Screen" "The Girl in the Fireplace"
20 13 May, 2006 "Cybermen" "Rise of the Cybermen"
21 20 May, 2006 "From Zero to Hero"26 "The Age of Steel"
22 27 May, 2006 "The Writer's Tale" "The Idiots Lantern"
23 3 June, 2006 "You Got the Look" "The Impossible Planet"
24 10 June, 2006 "Myths and Legends" "The Satan Pit"
25 17 June, 2006 "The Worlf of Who" "Love & Monters"
26 24 June, 2006 "The Fright Stuff" "Fear Her"
27 1 July, 2006 "Welcome to Torchwood" "Army of Ghosts"
28 8 July, 2006 "Finale" "Doomsday"

A special episode was made to cover the Christmas special "The Runaway Bride", it documented the opening theme tune for that episode (albeit with the Christmas special attached) as well as unique titles with episode images. I was narrated by Athony Head - The series narrator and was followed by the Doctor Who: A Celebration concert. It has been noted to be part of the same episode and a clip of which was shown during the concert.

Episode No. Original Airdate (UK) Episode Title Doctor Who Episode
29 25 December, 2006 "Music and Monsters" Doctor Who: A Celebration & The Runaway Bride

[edit] Series 3 (2007)

Anthony Head (Whom starred as Mr Finch/Brother Lessar) is now narrator and has taken over from Gatiss, whilst David Tennant did the entire tenth episode of the series by himself. This episode that Tennant done by himself was extended to 45 mins - 30 mins and 15 mins were also ready for broadcast, with the 15 minute version downloadable from the official site. It staying with tradition each episode was made available on DVD (with noticable content loss, such in the episode "Do you Remember the First Time?"); however a one time offer of the full version of an episode was also made available on DVD - "Music and Monsters".

Episode No. Original Airdate (UK) Episode Title Doctor Who Episode
30 31 March, 2007 "Meet Martha Jones" "Smith and Jones"
31 7 April, 2007 "Stage Fright" "The Shakepeare Code"
32 14 April, 2007 "Are we There Yet?" "Gridlock"
33 21 April, 2007 "A New York Story" "Daleks in Manhattan"
34 28 April, 2007 "Making Manhattan" "Evolution of the Daleks"
35 5 May, 2007 "Monsters Inc" "The Lazarus Experiment"
36 19 May, 2007 "Space Craft" "42"
37 26 May, 2007 "Alter Ego" "Human Nature"
38 2 June, 2007 "Bad Blood" "The Family of Blood"
39 9 June, 2007 "Do You Remember the First Time?" "Blink"
40 16 June, 2007 "'Ello, 'Ello,'Ello" "Utopia"
41 23 June "The Saxon Mystery" "The Sound of Drums"
42 30 June, 2007 "The Valient Quest" "Last of the Time Lords"

After the Children In Need Special "Time Crash" was one episode that was made available on the Children in Ned Website shortly after being aired. Also after the episode "Voyage of the Damned" an episode was then aired on BBC covering it, narrated by Anthony Head.

Episode No. Original Airdate (UK) Episode Title Doctor Who Episode
N/A 10 November, 2007 (Untitled) "Time Crash"
43 25 December, 2007 "Confidential at Christmas" "Voyage of the Damned"
"The Christmas Invasion"
"The Runaway Bride"

[edit] Series 5 (2010)

This series of confidential features a new logo. The broadcasts coinside with the 2010 episode of Doctor Who with Alex Price as the narrator.

Episode No. Original Airdate (UK) Episode Title Doctor Who Episode
64 3 April, 2010 "Call Me The Docotor" "The Eleventh Hour"
65 10 April, 2010 All About the Girl The Beast Below
66 17 April, 2010 War Games Victory of the Daleks
S5 17 April, 2010 The Ultimate Guide Series 1-5
67 24 April, 2010 Eyes Wide Open The Time of Angels
68 1 May, 2010 Blinded By The Light Flesh and Stone
69 8 May, 2010 Death in Venice Vampires in Venice
70 15 May, 2010 Arthurian Legend Amy's Choice
71 22 May, 2010 After Effects The Hungry Earth
72 29 May, 2010 Sea Devils,Silurians and Hybrids Cold Blood
73 TBA Death of Gogh Vincent and the Doctor
74 TBA Life on Earth The Lodger
75 TBA Pandorica's Lair TBA
76 TBA Consequences and Revelations TBA
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