Dalek Variants

Dalek Creature

Since Daleks made their debut appearance in 1963, there has been numerous models, remakes and casings for them. As much as the Daleks look Robotic in appearance, they are in-fact an outward manifestation of the vile, hideous looking creature inside, the casing in which the Daleks reside within are made from advanced technology which primarily allows them to travel and move about, as the Dalek creature itself is unable to move in it's primal form. Since their first appearance, their outward appearance has obtained the same shape, but with different colours, attachments etc, the Dalek creature and shape of the casing has been altered several times however before the one we currently see. The reason the Dalek look has changed so many times is for practical reasons whether it be to accommodate a specific plot line, to make it more practical on set, or because of advancements in technology over the years. The Daleks were once Kaleds, but were mutated with radiation after testing by Davros on thier home planet of Skaro.


[edit] 'New Series' Daleks

After a 15 year break from the last Doctor Who episode (Bar a 1996 Doctor Who Movie Special) Doctor Who's mortal enemy made a comeback in the Series 1 episode Dalek and shows that the Daleks had somehow managed to survive the Last Great Time War, which caused a stalemate annihilation of both the Daleks and the Time Lord races. The NSD (New series Dalek) has a similar look to all its forebearers with the exception that that shape, weapons and and dimensional proportions have all been upgraded or altered to give the Dalek a more intimidating appearence.

[edit] Standard Dalek

The Daleks are perhaps the most iconic Doctor Who enemies. Daleks traditionally appear in armour with a laser cannon on their left side and a plunger-like weapon on the right. This armour houses the true Dalek, a one-eyed slimy creature with many slimy tentacles. They are known for their battle cry of "Exterminate!". The Daleks originate from Skaro, a planet where a civil war ravaged for years. Two human like species; the Kaleds and the Thals fought each other ferociously, with neither side gaining the upper hand due to both factions discovering new technology. Eventually, Davros, a Kaled scientist who dedicated his life to finding a perfect soldier through mutated Kaleds.

[edit] Cult of Skaro

The Cult of Skaro made their first appearance in Army of Ghosts and were then properly shown and introduced during the second part of the 2-part episode,Doomsday. The Cult had been described by The Doctor to be "An elite organisation of Daleks that even outranks the Dalek Emperor who created them." The main role of the 4 Daleks is to assess their enemies and find new ways of killing them whilst themselves were still able to survive. Because of this, they span out and are each given a name in which they are ranked by here decreasing in superiority;

Before becoming the Cult of Skaro, each Dalek had originally been a high ranking officer in each of their respected divisions before being promoted.

Assult Dalek

As seen in the Episode The Parting of the Ways, this Variant of the Dalek is identical in every way to that of the Standard Dalek except these ones have, instead of a plunger shape tool, a spherical appendage that homes place to 3 pincer like objects and an extending blow or cutting torch. In the Episode this appendage is used to break into Sattlaite 5 to burst through a blast door not susceptible to their usual 'energy blast' weapons.

Supreme Dalek

The Supreme Dalek appeared in 2008 in the episodes The Stolen Earth and Journey's End, and is leader of the Dalek of the Dalek army, ranking above even that of Kaled, Davros. This Varient differs greatly from the NSD designs. This one is painted red with gold circular appendages on it's hemis and gold collar and neck rings. It's head set seems to be held up by 4 gold plinths and clamps connecting it to it's shoulders to it's extended neck casing. This Varient has a much deeper voice that the other Daleks, almost like the Dalek Emperor in the 2005 series, whom was voiced by Nicholas Briggs.

Crucible Dalek

These variants of the Dalek race appear in the episodes The Stolen Earth and Journey's End. They act as bodyguard and wanders for Davros when he's in the Vault situated somewhere within The Crucible.

This Dalek form part of the new Dalek Race that, according to Davros, has been genetically engineered from cells he took from his own body, which has resulted in him stripping himself of the skin on his torso, leaving his skeletal structure on show. Much like the Assault Dalek, these variants have a replacement for the Plunger like protrusion. Instead, these ones incorporate a claw like appendage with 8 pincers which seem to fit into certain controls of the ship.

Emperor's Personal Guard

These Variants appear briefly in the Episode The Parting of the Ways hovering above and around the Dalek Emperor. They're features are similar to that of a Standard Dalek but with a few variations;

  • Identical to NSD but with a Black Dome
  • Plunger like weapon has been replaced with a blade protrusion which home a small sphere. On the front of this sphere is a glowing lens.
  • The glowing lens is supported by a tubular network.

However, the use of the personal guards blade like weapon is unknown. But it has been speculated to be a "Mutiple Spectrum Censor Arm".

Hybrid Dalek

When a Dalek Hybrid is created in Daleks in Manhattan and Evolution of the Daleks they had to first sacrifice a human body, Mr. Diagoras. Dalek Sec opens his casing and drags the Human into the body with it's long tentacles, it then covers the body in a thin membrane and this is the start of the evolution. Soon after the evolution has taken place, Dalek Sec starts to feel human emotions for the first time, as such he spares the Doctors life twice and feels remorse when a human is killed by a disobedient Dalek. Because he now felt such feelings such as compassion, hatred and guilt the other Cult members started to question this new variants decisions, such an event led to his accidental death by Dalek Thay.

[edit] Emperor Dalek

This superior variant of the Dalek Race appeared in the 2005 episode The Parting of the Ways. Having led the Dalek Race into the Time War - Of which he barely survived - his void ship plummeted through time and space and eventually ended up at the edge of the Earths solar System, The Milky Way. The mutant Dalek floats on display in a giant cylindrical tank below a giant dome, complete with the normal Dalek facilities such as lights and the "Eye Stalk". There are also, instead of the NSD abdomen, has 2 mechanical arms mounting him above the ground. Having recreated the Dalek race this Emperor now sees himself as an immortal God, and such the Daleks treat him as one.

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