'A typical Dalek in the revived series of Doctor Who'
Pronunciation: Dalek
Home Planet: Skaro
First Appearance: The Daleks (1963)
Most Recent Appearance: Journey's End (2008)

The Daleks are perhaps the most iconic Doctor Who enemies. Daleks traditionally appear in armour with a laser cannon on their left side and a plunger-like weapon on the right. This armour houses the true Dalek, a one-eyed slimy creature with many slimy tentacles. They are known for their battle cry of "Exterminate!".

[edit] Creation

The Daleks originate from Skaro, a planet where a civil war ravaged for years. Two human like species; the Kaleds and the Thals fought each other ferociously, with neither side gaining the upper hand due to both factions discovering new technology. Eventually, Davros, a Kaled scientist who dedicated his life to finding a perfect soldier through mutated Kaleds developed a plan to break the centuries long stalemate. Experimenting on Kaled cells, Davros created the best type of fighter. The mutations were "slimy blobs" sitting inside a tank like shell, which was created to look like Davros' own chair and support. After taking all emotion away from the newly created mutations, Davros named them the Daleks, an anagram of Kaleds. The Thals fell to the Daleks almost immediately and were forced to live their lives in the more natural parts of Skaro, whereas the Daleks reigned supreme in the Dalek City. The most prominent group of Daleks were the Cult of Skaro, four Daleks who were commisioned to continue the Dalek race.

[edit] Evolution

Although they are now the most feared race in the Universe, they were once a mere blip on the map, only frequenting on the planet of Skaro. One of the main prominant features of a Dalek is the Death Ray. An electromagnetic weapon , it's main purpose it to attack and it does this with an energy build, which when released burns the victim and kills them instantly. Alongside the Death Ray is commonly a robot arm, which for the Daleks, houses a plunger which can be used to suck in victims for energy.

A common problem for Daleks was the innability to climb stairs, rendering the plan of world domination impossible. However, in Remembrance of the Daleks we are shown the first glimpse of a Dalek hovering, using a gravitational field to propel itself up the stairs. This is later re-used in Dalek, Rose, Adam and one of van Staten's soldiers are chased by a lone Dalek and races up the stairs, to common safe ground. Adam mocks the Dalek until it starts to levitate.

Over the years many things have been added to the Daleks to make them more invulnerable. In recent years there has been the addition of a forcefield , Invulnerability to Bullets and now have technology that can stop anything from covering their eyes, for example, if they are shot with a paintball gun. This makes it the most feared in the whole Universe.

A Cartoon mocking the Dalek's early inability to climb stairs
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