Cult of Skaro

The Cult of Skaro
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Dalek Sec, Dalek Caan, Dalek Jast and Dalek Thay

Race: Daleks
Home Planet: Skaro
First appearance: Army of Ghosts
Last Appearence: Journey's End
Portrayed By: Voices
Nicholas Briggs

Barnaby Edwards
Nicholas Pegg
Stuart Crossman
Anthony Spargo
Dan Barratt
David Hankinson

The Cult of Skaro was a group of elitist Daleks whose recurring nature was somewhat violent. All but Dalek Sec, whose Hybrid form was voiced by Eric Loren, the rest were dubbed by Nicholas Briggs.


[edit] Background

The Cult of Skaro made their first appearance in Army of Ghosts and were then properly shown and introduced during the second part of the 2-part episode,Doomsday. The Cult had been described by The Doctor to be "An elite organisation of Daleks that even outranks the Dalek Emperor who created them." The main role of the 4 Daleks is to assess their enemies and find new ways of killing them whilst themselves were still able to survive. Because of this, they span out and are each given a name in which they are ranked by here decreasing in superiority;

Before becoming the Cult of Skaro, each Dalek had originally been a high ranking officer in each of their respected divisions before being promoted.

These 4 extreme Daleks (Dalek Thay, Dalek Caan, Dalek Jast and the Black Dalek, Dalek Sec) had all manged to escape the Great Time War in a single void ship, they stole a piece of Time Lord technology dubbed the Genesis Ark. This 'Ark' has the ability to hold ,millions of Daleks, the technology used to make this holding ship is similar to the one used in the TARDIS.the Daleks have the ability to suck brains through the suction cups, and thus gaining new information. they have become knowledgeable Daleks whom, whilst on their mission, have been able to manifest individual personalities, whereas the standard Dalek is programmed only to kill and answer orders. Their method of obtaining information does however kill the victim in question. Micky acadentily opened the Genesis Ark for the Daleks (Being a piece of Time Lord Technology, only a Time Traveler could open it), all the Daleks released from the ark were sucked into the void which exists between all parallel universes including Pete's World, however, Dalek Sec and the other cult members managed to escape being sucked in by initiating an emergency 'temporal shift' teleporting them through time to 1930's Manhatten. The Cult when they believed to be the only Daleks in existence.

Cult of Skaro in Manhatten

These Daleks made a re-appearance in Daleks in Manhatten operating from an underground facility beneath the Empire State Building. The Cult had, somewhere, obtained Pig like slaves to work for them and capture people to perform experiments on. Because the Cult were the last 4 Daleks in existence, their situation became desperate than they were trying to find new and inventive ways to re-populate, for one thing, Dalek They sacrificed his rear armor to built the mast on top of the building. Then Dalek Sec had started to question the 'genetic' superiority Daleks had over races, and suggested the idea of a Hybrid Dalek in which they wished to combine the Genectics of the humans with the Daleks in the episode Evolution of the Daleks. Sec was removed from command, and Dalek Caan took his place before being accidentally "exterminated" by Thay, who sacrificed himself to save the Doctor. Soon after Thay's actions, Dalek Jast followed and was killed by the humans. Dalek Sec destroyed all the Hybrds created, including Dalek Sec, and opened another temporal shift, and thus became the last known Dalek in existence.

Dalek Caan made a return in The Stolen Earth where he had seemingly traveled to the first year of the Time War despite it being time locked, but doing so cost him his sanity. As such, he was also able to predict what was going to happen, so much to an extent that he is able to manipulate time lines at his will. He also claimed to have done such a think so The Doctor would meet with Donna Noble. Most of the predictions he makes turn out to be true (Such as the Doctors arrival). Whilst travelling to the first year of the Time War, Caan saved Dalek Kaled, Davros from his command ship that was destroyed and allowed him to come to present day and wants a new Dalek Empire with the help of Caan's DNA. Both these Daleks have a large egos and have a hatred for emotions and call them an abomination.

When Caan passed through time and space he had witnessed the demise of the Dalek Empire. He told the Half-Doctor to destroy the Dalek race and end their reign of terror throughout the universe. Both Dalek Caan and Davros were believed to be killed when the Crucible was destroyed.

[edit] The Cult of Skaro

[edit] Dalek Sec

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Dalek Sec (Dalek)

Dalek Sec was the leader of the Cult of Skaro and of the Dalek attack in Canary Wharf against the Cybermen. Orignally cased in black, during the episode Daleks in Manhatten he was converted to a Dalek Hybrid and was the prototype for all other Hybrids that were killed after the demise of 3/4 of the Cult. He showed leadership by communicating with the enemy, namely Rose Tyler, The Doctor and the Cybermen, by commanding 3 other un-named Daleks. Dalek Sec was apparently the Seventh Incursion Front and was incharge and lef the attack on the Mechnoids and Magella before being promoted to then Cult of Skaro by the Dalek Emporer.

[edit] Dalek Caan

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Dalek Caan

Dalek Caan rescued Davros from the first year of the last great Time war. What he had to do to achieve this appeared to have made him insane. He also gained the ability to see through time. He used this ability to predict that the Doctor's most faithful companion was going to die, and was correct when Donna's Time Lord side was removed. What Davros had failed to realise was that Dalek Caan had also predicted the downfall of the Daleks, which did happen. Dalek Caan later revealed that he was helping the Doctor in order to destroy the Dalek Race and end their reign of terror.

[edit] Dalek Thay

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Dalek Thay was the first member of the Cult of Skaro to be named on screen. Was was third in command under Dalek Sec, he initiated Dalek hostitiles at the battle of Canary Whark in their fight with the Cybermen. After he fought in the battle, he opened a 'Temporal Shift' and went with the other members of the Cult. Before being promoted by the Dalek Emperor, Dalek Thay was said to have been the commandant of Station Alpha, the most secret Dalek research facility.

[edit] Dalek Jast

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Dalek Jast has the highest pictched voice out of the cult and is shortly 'exterminated' after Thay. Apparently, Jast was the youngest member of the Cult and had killed few in battle (or less than the rest in the Cult). Before he was promoted by the Dalek Emporer, Jast was Force Leader of the Outer Rim Defensive Battalion. He also aided Dalek Sec in his experiments to make the perfect Dalek Hybrid.

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