Bad Wolf (Disambiguation)

This is a disambiguation page for the term "Bad Wolf".

The term Bad Wolf could refer to any of the following;

[edit] Appearances

  • The End of the World (2005): The expression is used in an off-screen conversation between two aliens.
  • The Unquiet Dead (2005): The servant whom Rose befriends, Gwyneth, mentions the "Big Bad Wolf".
  • Aliens of London (2005): The phrase is seen being graffitied on the TARDIS by a young child. The Doctor tells him to clean it.
  • Dalek (2005): The helicopter pilot identifies the craft as "Bad Wolf One".
  • The Long Game (2005): "Bad Wolf" is a television channel broadcast by Satellite Five.
  • Father's Day (2005): The expression can be seen on a poster near the accident site.
  • The Doctor Dances (2005): The "ambulance" spacecraft has "Schlechter Wolf" on it. This is a rough German translation of "Bad Wolf".
  • Boom Town (2005): The power station is called Blaidd Drwg, which, as the Slitheen points out, is Welsh. The Doctor translates it and explains it means "Bad Wolf", before pausing to consider how often he has seen it, almost as if it is following them. He then dismisses it, however.
  • Bad Wolf (2005): As well as being the title of the episode, "Bad Wolf" is the name of the corporation which now controls Satellite Five, run by the Daleks.
  • The Parting of the Ways (2005): Rose learns in this episode that "Bad Wolf" is a sign between her and the Doctor, and that she, infused with the Time Vortex, left it as a message to herself.
  • Tooth and Claw (2006): The episode features a werewolf, and in human form the werewolf mentions that Rose has "something of the wolf about [her]".
  • Love & Monsters (2006): The Absorbaloff, in human form, refers to a "Bad Wolf Virus".
  • Doomsday (2006): The beach in the alternate universe is called Darlig Ulv Stranden - "Bad Wolf Bay".
  • Captain Jack Harkness (2006) (Torchwood episode): "Bad Wolf" can be seen on a poster in the past.
  • The Sontaran Stratagem (2008): A red wolf can be seen painted behind the TARDIS' materialising point.
  • The Poison Sky (2008): The wolf is again visible, but slightly less clearly than in the episode before.
  • Turn Left (2008): Rose instructs Donna to tell the Doctor two words: "Bad Wolf". The expression then begins to appear everywhere, and the Doctor recognises it as meaning "the end of the universe". The Daleks return in the next episode.
  • Journey's End (2008): The Doctor returns to Darlig Ulv Stranden.
  • Various episodes: The American newsreader who appears in various episodes of Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures is named "Mal Loup" which is French for "Bad Wolf".
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