Amy Pond

Amy Pond
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Name: Amy Pond
Race: Human
Home Era: 21st Century
Debut: Series 5
Actor: Karen Gillan

Amelia "Amy" Williams (nee. Pond) travelled alongside the Eleventh Doctor. Amy was first featured in the episode The Eleventh Hour and her final episode was Angels Take Manhattan. The character is played by Karen Gillan.

She dies at age 87 in an unknown time period in Manhattan after sending herself back in time by means of a Weeping Angel so she could be with Rory Williams


[edit] Biography

[edit] Early Life

Amelia was born in 1989 in Scotland. Her parents were swallowed by the crack in her wall and she lived with her aunt

[edit] First Encounter With The Doctor

We are introduced to Amelia in 1996 as a young child, when The Doctor crashes the TARDIS into her backyard. Mesmerized by his personality and knowledge of future events, she wishes to travel with him. The Doctor agrees, after making the necessary repairs to the TARDIS he takes a trip to the moon and back promising to be back in five minutes to pick up Amelia. He doesn't show up for another twelve years. Where the Doctor and Amelia meet again to face the monster that has been hiding in her house since before she met the Doctor.

In more then one timeline, Amy falls asleep waiting for the Doctor to come get her, and weeks or months later the Doctor comes to talk to her while she sleeps, talking about the box that is the bluest blue and that she'll never forget it.

Her last request before flinging herself back in time, was for the Doctor to visit younger Amelia, to tell her of all the great adventures she will have and to wait. To tell her "This is the story of Amelia Pond, and this is how it ends"

[edit] Adolescence

While waiting for her "Raggedy Man" she became obsessed with him, making dolls, stories and paintings and compelled her friends to play dress up about him with her. She was sent to four physciatrists, she bit each of them.

Her trio of friends at school was Rory Williams and Mels, unaware that Mels was her daughter. For a long period of time she thought Rory was gay, until Mels made her realise he liked her and that she returned the feeling.

[edit] Second Encounter With The Doctor

Thinking he had only been gone 5 minutes, the Doctor returned in the year 2008, where Amelia had started shortening her name to "Amy" and worked as a kissogram, while being Rorys girlfriend.

She helped the Doctor get rid of Prisoner Zero who had previously been hiding in her house.

On the night before her wedding, the Doctor returned and fufilled a 14 year old promise, and she made him swear to be back by morning.

[edit] Travelling With The Doctor

When she was first on the TARDIS, she bombarded the Doctor with questions, one of which was: "Does the light bulb on the top ever need changing?".

They first went to the Starship UK in the 33rd Century which was being powered by a star whale who was being tortured in order to keep the ship moving. Amy eventually freed it and it chose to continue to pilot the ship because it was kind. This episode was The Beast Below

Next the went to London in 1941, following a call for help and accidentally lead to the rebirth of the Daleks

Then the pair went to a mueseum in the 171st century and saw a box with 'Hello, Sweetie" cut into it written in High Gallifreyan. Shortly after that the pair met River Song and the Doctor introduced them, neither him or Amy were aware that River was actually her daughter and her life long friend. Amy got her eye infected by Weeping Angels and had to keep her eyes shut tight to stop her from dying.

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