Aliens of London

Aliens of London
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Newcast of Spacecraft crashing

TV Series: Series 1
Doctor: Ninth
Companion(s): Rose Tyler
Enemies: Slitheen
Setting: London 2006
Writer: Russell T Davies
Broadcast: 16 April 2005
Previous Episode: The Unquiet Dead
Next Episode: World War Three

[edit] Synopsis

The Doctor takes Rose back to 21st century London, just in time to witness a spaceship crashing into the River Thames, triggering a worldwide state of alert and the closing off of the city. As the Doctor investigates the survivor of the crash, Rose finds problems closer to home.

[edit] Plot

The episode starts by showing clips from the first episode, then cuts to the TARDIS arriving in London 12 hours after she had left. Rose goes off to see her mother Jackie Tyler, while the Doctor looks around, and notices a poster. He goes over and inspects at the poster, and it reveals Rose as missing. Rose looks at her mother who proceeds to drop her mug of tea, and can't believe Rose is there. Rose notices all of the posters on the table, as the Doctor storms in and says they have actually been gone for twelve months. It cuts to a child writing BAD WOLF on the side of the TARDIS, and the sound of Rose's mother shouting at her about going missing for 12 months. The Doctor attempts to explain and Roses' mother slaps him. Rose and Jackie have a conversation about what will happen to her. Rose and the Doctor start talking and the Doctor asks if she plans to continue travelling with him. The Doctor informs her that he is 900 years old, and Rose jokes about the age gap. Cue a damaged-looking Alien space craft flying over their heads, which then hits Big Ben, crashing into the river Thames.
People are shown to be getting aggravated as the army has stopped traffic. The Doctor and Rose are shown running towards the site, but are stopped by the Army, leading to them watching it on the television. On the TV they see that divers are being sent into the wreck of the space craft, and a body has been found within the wreckage. The body is said to be transferred to a secure area, later said to be Albion Hospital due to its proximity to the river. A woman is examining the body, and tells a General that it is wired up like never seen before. The prime minister is seen as missing, with no one seeming to know where he is. Harriet Jones says she had a meeting, cancelled due to the UFO. A new acting Prime Minister is bought in, and he, along with MI5 leas-on, and transport specialist go into a room and start laughing to each other. We cut back to the Doctor leaving Rose at her mother's, and as proof he isn't going to leave her he gives her a TARDIS key. The doctor walks back to the TARDIS, not noticing the graffiti on the side. Mickey tries to grab the TARDIS but misses and runs into the wall. The TARDIS starts to play up, and starts smoking, so the Doctor hits it with a hammer to get it fully functional again. We cut back to Harriot trying to get something placed onto the agendas, and the temporary Prime Minister tells her to get some sense because he is currently busy, and leaves. While they are away Harriot Jones sneaks into the room, and places her folder inside the briefcase, but notices the Emergency agendas, and starts reading them. It cuts back to the woman in the hospital and she can hear a banging noise coming from where she locked the alien body up. She slowly walks towards it, while the Doctor steps out of his TARDIS and tells his sonic screwdriver to be quiet. The Doctor walks into a room full of Army men, who all pull their guns on him. The woman screams, at which point the Doctor takes control, ordering a lock down. The soldiers search the place, while the Doctor inquires about the alien, which is still in the room. He sneaks round to get a look at it, revealing it as a pig
Pig Alien
which runs towards the army men, who shoot him, and the Doctor tells them it was scared. We cut back to the General from the hospital telling the temporary prime minister that he has to take control and that he has been doing nothing. The Prime Minister and the other two start passing wind, over and over, and the general proclaims he is going to take command. The three people undo a zip on their heads and a blue glow comes out of their heads.
Blue zip glow S1E4.png
Crunching can be heard and then it cuts to the Doctor stating that the alien is a fake. The TARDIS can be heard, and we see Mickey come in through a door. Mickey tells Rose that the Doctor had gone, and she runs out to see if it was true. The key to the TARDIS that the Doctor gave to her starts to glow, and you hear the TARDIS coming in to land. Rose steps into the TARDIS, and is followed by Mickey and Jackie. They talk about the alien crash landing, and Mickey states that it is a funny way to invade letting the country get put on red alert. We see Roses' mother telling someone on the phone about the Doctor, and someone starts searching for The Doctor in a database which shows a Red Alert. Rose and Mickey talk, and Rose asks if he has been seeing anyone else, which he responds in a negative, and asks Rose if she is staying now she has come back. The Doctor says that the aliens didn't just arrive, but they had been there for a while. We cut back to the aliens in Downing Street, and see the General being taken into by the aliens. The assistant runs in to see the General, and says that they might have found the Doctor. The Doctor notices UNIT, and says he wants to do some undercover work, when he steps out of the TARDIS the army are there to collect him. Mickey runs and hides, and the Doctor jokingly says "Take me to your leader". The Doctor is escorted to Downing Street, where his knowledge of aliens is needed. A policeman, showing similar symptoms as the three from Downing Street, comes to talk to Rose's mother. The Doctor is given a pass, brought to a room, while Harriot leads Rose away to talk to her, and tell her what she saw. The general starts talking, and the Doctor interrupts telling about a small pocket of radiation that they were going to investigate when the diversion of the crash happened. Rose and Harriot are wondering around the office and they stumble upon the Prime Minister's body. The Doctor figures out that the crash wasn't a diversion, but a trap. The policeman questioning Jackie undoes a zip on his head, followed by the same blue glow as earlier, while the woman does the same, and states that it was here that told them the Prime Minister had been driven away earlier.
Skin suit being removed
It then cuts back to the Doctor talking about the plan, and the General unzips his body suit, revealing his true form; as does the woman and the police officer. Jackie goes to see what the glowing is about, and spots the alien, while the aliens are seen by all in the various different rooms. The alien confronting the doctor calls themselves the Slitheen. The aliens start their attacks, using the ID cards to electrocute the members of UNIT and the Doctor. This then ends the episode ready for part two.

[edit] Cast

  • Christopher Eccleson - The Doctor
  • Billie Piper - Rose Tyler
  • Camille Coduri – Jackie Tyler
  • Noel Clarke – Mickey Smith
  • Penelope Wilton – Harriet Jones
  • Annette Badland – Margaret Blaine
  • Corey Doabe – Spray Painter
  • Ceris Jones – Policeman
  • Jack Tarlton – Reporter
  • Lachele Carl – Reporter
  • Fiesta Mei Ling – Ru
  • Basil Chung – Bau
  • Matt Baker – Himself
  • Andrew Marr – Himself
  • Rupert Vansittart General Asquith
  • David Verrey – Joseph Green
  • Navin Chowdhry – Indra Ganesh
  • Naoko Mori – Doctor Sato
  • Eric Potts – Oliver Charles
  • Jimmy Vee – Space Pig
  • Steve Spiers – Strickland
  • Elizabeth Fost, Paul Kasey, Alan Ruscoe – Slitheen
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