First Appearance: Partners In Crime (2008)
Planet: Race from Adipose 3 but Adipose featured were born on Earth
Affiliated With: Miss Foster (Matron Cofelia), Adipose Industries

The Adipose are white aliens made of living fat. They are made by an Adipose Pill, once someone eats one, an Adipose will be made out of the fat in their body. Adipose are very friendly.


[edit] Birth

Adipose are born when someone eats an Adipose Pill. The Pill makes the fat 'walk away'. Many obese people tryed the pill, desperate to lose weight. When a little metal replica of the pill is twisted, an Adipose is born. Sometimes, in desperate situations Adipose can convert hair, bones and other non-fat material to fat to make the Adipose. This makes the baby Adipose poorly.

[edit] Home

The Adipose come from the planet Adipose 3, but these Adipose were born from the people of Earth. When the Adipose leave Earth, the Shadow Proclamation take them away to safety, leaving their Nanny, Miss Foster (Matron Cofelia) behind as she illegally bred them using Adipose Pills.

[edit] Appearance and Behaviour

Baby Adipose are very small and you could hold them with both hands but as adults they get taller than most adult men. They are white in colour as they are living fat. They have one small fang, short arms and short legs. They appear very friendly as they wave at one patient and don't deliberately harm people. They learn to walk as soon as they are born.

[edit] Turn Left

In Turn Left, the Doctor wasn't around to stop Miss Foster from turning entire people into Adipose as the Doctor had died because Donna never met him. Lots of people burst into Adipose, it was Miss Foster's victory.

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